How does Juan Karlos Labajo deal with online bashers?

The Voice Kids finalist reveals he reads all negative comments about his performances.


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7/25/2014 6:01 PM
How does Juan Karlos Labajo deal with online bashers?

072514-karlos_main.jpgThe Voice Kids’ Juan Karlos Labajo in an interview with PUSH shared that he has his own share of bashers online.

“Don’t think of bashers,” he said, even adding that they are people who have nothing else to do. Juan Karlos or JK also shared that he reads negative comments about him on YouTube because it helps him improve his performances by turning their comments into inspiration. 

However, he also acknowledged his fans, who are also there to defend him. “One basher, one hundred defenders,” he happily divulged. He said that bashers are insecure and want to put other people down for they do not have the guts to show the talents they possess. 

Speaking of showing one’s talents, JK said that people should not shy away from their dreams. “Don’t be shy kasi if you are lucky, you only have 100 years in this world and then you’re not gonna show your talent? You’re like a small dot in this world na useless so make a change.”  JK added that confidence is the key to fulfilling one’s dreams, “If you have talent, show it. Don’t have fear na parang natatakot ka, na mahihiya ka sa ibang tao.”