Ryan Bang airs disapproval of Terrence Romeo for Vice Ganda

Ryan Bang says he wants Vice Ganda to find someone of the same age.


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7/22/2014 7:30 AM
Ryan Bang airs disapproval of Terrence Romeo for Vice Ganda

Confirming in a way that it was Terrence who broke his “Mommy” Vice’s heart, Ryan, during the recently-held grand press conference of his first ever soap Hawak Kamay, blurted, “‘Yung totoo, hindi ako boto kay Terrence.” 

He was however quick to add that, “Pero mag-support ako kung saan masaya si Mommy.”

But if it were up to the Korean star, “Mas gusto ko ‘yung mas matanda, mas ka-age ni Mommy.” The phenomenal star is 38-years old while the young cager is only 22-years old.

While the Gandang Gabi Vice host has yet to reveal if he has found someone new, news of him reconciling with the Global Port Batang Pier player surfaced recently. Ryan could not confirm if this rumor was even true.

Ryan said he hopes that the person whom his Mommy would fall in love with next would give him nothing short of a true love. “Gusto kong malaman kung totoo ang pagmamahal niya kay Mommy. ‘Pag sigurado ako na totoo ang pagmamahal niya kay Mommy susuporta ako,” he said.

Even if he’s concerned about Vice, Ryan underscored that he would be more than willing to respect who his Mommy would choose to give his heart to. “Si Terrence kasi hindi ko pa na-meet eh. Hindi pa siya pinapakilala sa akin ni Mommy eh,” he clarified, adding that, “Pero kung maasaya si Mommy kay Terrence suportahan ko si Mommy, kasi gusto ko happy si Mommy ko eh.”

Ryan once again emphasized that what’s important for him is not whom Vice is in relationship with, but if he is happy because if he’s not, “Kapag nasaktan ang Mommy ko, magagalit talaga ako.”

He explained in parting, “Siyempre lahat naman kayo gusto niyo masaya ang Mommy niyo. Ayokong maiyak Mommy ko eh.”

Two months ago, the former Far Eastern University Tamaraw basketball player denied being in a relationship with Vice, with him even directly asking the comedian’s fans to stop spreading the rumors as it’s already affecting his image.