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Allison Harvard on venturing into Philippine showbiz: ‘I am very open-minded’

Allison Harvard shares that she’s open to doing more projects in show business.


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7/22/2014 7:25 AM
Allison Harvard on venturing into Philippine showbiz: ‘I am very open-minded’

072214-allison_main.jpgAmerica’s Next Top Model finalist Allison Harvard said that she is not closing her doors on doing projects in Philippine showbiz. In an interview with the model during the Bioessence media launch, she said that she wants to go beyond modeling.

“I think as far as my plan for me goes, well I am very open-minded. There will be a lot of new directions that I will be taking this year.  I haven't done any workshops for acting but I am looking into getting a Tagalog teacher so I will be able to be speaking Tagalog,” she said.
The model is planning to extend her stay in the Philippines. “I just came back from California and my lease ended there so my only apartment that I have is in the Philippines so I am looking forward to really devote more time and extend here as much a possible because I am really enjoying it here and I love my manager and I love my friends that I made here too,” she shared.
Allison remarked that she loves Filipino culture especially when it comes to family camaraderie. “I think in terms of culture what something that stands out to me is that are just relationships and family. Family is important to me and I think that the friends that I made here are going to be my long time friends because they feel like family and they’re very special to me,” she shared.
Though she admitted that she gets homesick sometimes, Allison said that she already got used to being independent. “I’ve been on my own since I was 17 so I think its actually quite spectacular that I’m like in my mid 20's and I am able to live in another country for this part of my life. Not many people get to do that. I get homesick and I do miss my friends and things like that, but being here, working and being happy with the projects I've got right now, it's all part of the bigger journey.

Besides modeling, Allison is also now the new brand ambassador of Bioessence. She remarked that she is truly humbled to have been given the opportunity to represent the Filipino brand. “I think that it’s so flattering that out of everyone that they could have chosen as far as international models go, they’re going with me and it's probably one of the most flattering things in my career. I’m just excited to be in this process with them,” she stated.