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Hayden Kho claims PRC's reinstatement of his license was unexpected

Hayden Kho finally breaks his silence over PRC's reinstatement of his medical license


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7/21/2014 7:00 AM
Hayden Kho claims PRC's reinstatement of his license was unexpected

072114-hayden_main.jpgFresh from Europe after taking a course on Apologetics, a study aimed at presenting a rational basis for the Christian faith, Hayden Kho readily addressed the noise surrounding his recent reinstatement as a medical practitioner.

Hayden, who lost his license in 2009 after being found guilty of committing "immorality, dishonorable, and unethical conduct" in connection with the video recording of his sexual liasons with various women, said in the interview that he never really thought that he would ever get his license back.

“In 2009, when they told me ‘You are a doctor but you can no longer practice as a doctor,’ it really broke my heart. I thought that was permanent. I was not really expecting anymore,” he said.

As to whether or not the reinstatement was executory already, meaning he could immediately go back to practice, Hayden has yet to find out. What is important is that he got it back.

But while he was very happy about this good news and his new self as a devout Christian, a lot of his critics presume that his newfound devotion was only an "act" to get him his license anew.

“Definitely no, I did not do that so that I could gain my medical license back," he said firmly. 

"Why did I do what I did? The answer to that is I wanted to seek the Lord and in my experience, when I go to those places, in India, the poorest of the poor, when I helped out, I feel God more in my life. The beautiful thing about this is God does want to let his children know who he is,” Hayden continued.

Note that the document he posted, revealed in brief why PRC's Board of Medicine decided to reinstate his license.  One of the reasons was his "overall conduct" which the document added showed that of a "repentant heart."

The document further added, "While others simply passively wait for the period revocation to lapse, petitioner positively and quickly acted to prove himself a worthy medical doctor to this Board and the Commission."

Year after the controversy, after he was touted as "The Most Hated Man in the Country" by a certain poll, Hayden confessed that he still cares about what people think of him today. Only because he's not just a man for himself but because he already "represents" a higher power, that is the Lord.

Asked about the most important lesson he learned from this ordeal, he said: “We all long for love. Doon sa mga tao na nagkamali before, and everyone abandoned you, I have been through that place. If you need someone to love you, if you need a hand that will hold you and they are not there, always remember that there’s a heavenly Father who wants to put his arms around you.”