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Gab Valenciano reveals reason for quitting 'America’s Got Talent'

Gab Valenciano vows never to try his luck at a talent show ever again.

Gab Valenciano reveals reason for quitting 'America’s Got Talent'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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07/02/2014 08:17 AM
Gab Valenciano reveals reason for quitting 'America’s Got Talent'
070214-gabvalenciano_main.jpgAfter making it to the headlines for getting though the first round of auditions on the US talent show America’s Got Talent, Gab Valenciano dropped out of the competition to pursue what he really went to the US for.

"It’s not naman that I quit. It’s more of other, more permanent opportunities came up especially with what I went there for which is music production and video production," he shared in an interview at the recently-concluded Preview Best Dressed Ball at HyvE.

According to him, "if I wanted my 30 seconds of fame or if I wanted something that would last me my whole career" he would choose the latter.

The dancer who rose to fame because of his unique "superselfies" flew to the US to study video and music production. He joined the famous talent show America's Got Talent and became the first Filipino celebrity to get through the first round.

Gab said that he returned to the Philippines mainly for the repeat of Arise, his father Gary Valenciano's concert, and to take a break.

He also took the opportunity to clarify reports as to why he bailed out from the show. Reports have it that he supposedly got "better" offers in the US while others claimed that he was eliminated from the show.

"Actually whenever people ask me, ‘Did you actually make it through the judging and everything?’ [I would answer them] I actually did, pero ‘yun nga when we got deeper into it parang me and my Mom and my Dad parang we all talked about and we all realized na parang in show business especially in reality TV, you’re not assured that you will make it in the future," he reasoned. "Unlike getting into a business where ito talaga ang ginawa ko. I love making music, I love making videos, it’s obvious with the superselfies, I realized I want to do this for a living."

Gab also announced that he would be putting up his own media company that would be based in States. "Basically it’s going to be all video and music content and we’re going to be a group of five people that are going to be shooting, recording and making all of these things," he explained.

070214-gabvalenciano_main.jpgHe continued, "You know it’s something na ito talaga ‘yung pinunta ko sa States eh. You know I studied for it, I’m graduating. Actually I graduated already. I’m very excited for it."

So, more superselfies? "Oh yeah and now it’s not just going to be shot with a small camera. Now it’s going to be professionally shot, so I’m excited for that," Gab blurted.

Despite letting go of an opportunity to break into Hollywood, Gab maintained that he doesn't feel any regret whatsoever. In fact, he doesn't even see himself joining another talent show in the future.

"In the beginning siyempre I felt a little this is really what I want to do kasi parang masaya if I do it. Yet at the end of the day I had to think long-term and I had to think ‘I went to the States for this reason, I’m not going to be distracted with something else, so…’ It would’ve been a good opportunity to be seen for exposure pero I’d think of my entire career in the US," he mused.

Tricia, he said, would be coming back with him to the US after his short vacation here. However, he assured that their wedding will be happening here in the country come 2015.

In a recent post on his Instagram account, Gab even excitedly shared that he and Tricia have already booked their wedding venue. Although he didn't mention where the venue would be in the said post.