Saab Magalona has yet to receive an apology from attacker

Saab Magalona claims that her attacker is pretending to be abroad after their altercation


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7/18/2014 10:30 AM
Saab Magalona has yet to receive an apology from attacker

071814-saab_main.jpgAlmost a month since she was attacked by a drunken man at a private party organized by musician Ely Buendia, Saab Magalona said she is still taking baby steps towards completely recovering from the trauma it caused her
"I'm fine, I'm okay,” replied Saab when asked how she was doing following the unexpected attack on the sidelines of the Preview Ball which she attended with her sister Maxene Magalona and fiance Jim Bacarro.

The daughter of late music icon Francis Magalona shared that she is currently undergoing counseling since “Kasi nga, you know it's not a joke. It was very traumatic and I would rather just keep it private.”

Contrary to those saying that she was only drawing attention towards herself because of the altercation, Saab explained why she’s actually speaking up about it. “I would like to say na the reason I'm speaking up is because it's never good to be violent against other people. Especially because I wasn't doing anything and it was a man who hit me so it was very shocking,” recalled the singer-actress.

Saab, who is not used to being in such situations, confessed that the encounter left a mark in her mind. But she remains positive in overcoming it in due time particularly since, “I'm going through the right process of dealing with it.” 

Does she know the whereabouts of the individual/s involved in her attack? “I think they're pretending to be out of the country and stuff like that because I know these people personally. But I think, karma will, you know, catch up with them, if they don't even feel sorry. I know who's telling the truth din,” she said.

Instead of letting the incident define her, Saab said she is choosing to take the higher road even with the trouble and the trauma that it left her. “I wish nothing but the best for those people also. I don't want them to die or anything, I just want inner peace," Saab ended.