Piolo Pascual on gay rumors: 'Kinibit balikat ko na lang'

Actor Piolo Pascual talked about his career, his son and gay rumors about him on Tapatan ni Tunying last Thursday, July 17.


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7/18/2014 8:11 PM
Piolo Pascual on gay rumors: 'Kinibit balikat ko na lang'

071814-piolo_main.jpgThe 37-year-old actor, who said that acting is a calling, recalled that when he was in grade school, he would join workshops but it was in high school and college where he pursued theater acting. The multi-awarded actor added that in college, he actually thought of taking an auto mechanic engineering course for he likes cars. However, he did not pass the exam so he pursued his other dream, which was to be a newscaster. Yet, his journey led him to pursue a career in acting.

Piolo also revealed that it was in the 2002 movie, Dekada 70 that he experienced many milestones in his acting career though it was one of the difficult projects he has ever done. He shared that the lowest point he experienced in his career was when his movies flopped one after the other. He said that in every project he does, he does it wholeheartedly as it is a reflection of his personality. With his latest Primetime drama, Hawak Kamay, Piolo does not think of the pressure anymore, believing that it was given to him out of trust.

When it comes to his 16-year-old son, Inigo, Piolo said that he wants his son to come of his shell. The actor shared that he is not a stage dad but wants his son to maximize his potential as a person. However, Piolo says Inigo must prioritize his education first before he can fully join showbusiness. Piolo even shared his disciplining strategies, saying he and Inigo talk calmly and he makes him realize what his mistakes are without shouting or resorting to violence. He also waits for Inigo to apologize first. 

On his love life, Piolo revealed that he has not had a girlfriend for 3 years as he is always busy with work. He does not see himself settling down 2 years from now but wants to get married when he reach his 40s. He shared that he likes his other half to be God-fearing and he does not give priority to physical appearance. He also wants a woman who is in her 20s for he still wants to have 4 more children.

Piolo then admitted that he has stopped using Facebook and Twitter because of online bullies. He only kept his Instagram account for he likes photography.

Speaking of bashers, he confessed that he gets hurt whenever people call him gay. "For me parang masakit di ba? Parang sana kilala mo ko bago mo ako sabihan ng ganyan so kinikibit balikat ko na lang. Ang importante sa'kin ay kilala ako ng Diyos ko, kilala ko ang sarili ko, kilala ako ng pamilya ko at kilala ako ng anak ko.