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Sarah Lahbati talks about being a ‘hot mom’ and being with Richard Gutierrez

Sarah Lahbati shares tips on how she maintains her looks and how she is getting along with Richard Gutierrez.



7/16/2014 10:25 AM
Sarah Lahbati talks about being a ‘hot mom’ and being with Richard Gutierrez

After admitting that she now has a son with boyfriend Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati has now been labeled a “Hot Momma.” And her reaction to this was, “Wow! It’s an honor to be called what you just said. Nahihiya pa rin ako na i-repeat yun because I am not used to it, I am honored.”

She revealed that there are three things that help her maintain her looks. “Work out, eat healthy and be happy. Yun yung three main na kailangan mo dun, be happy, eat healthy, and workout.”

Working out is her number one tip because she also has to keep up with their son Zion. “I try to work out when I am not busy with Zion. Ang bilis niya lumaki so I work out. I work out once or twice a week. I used to work out three to four times a week at alam ng mga tao yan sa bahay on how I love working out but right now that is not my main goal or my main priority to look sexy. I try when I can.”

071614-sarah_main.jpgWhen asked if she is willing to do more daring, sexy roles, she replied, “I don’t know. Hindi ko pa siya masyadong pinapasok sa utak ko because I have been very busy with Zion and Richard and work too, so I don’t know if I am ready, physically ready but I am so open minded about it.”

Sarah has previously done some daring scenes with Richard Gutierrez onscreen. “You know what, I just want to do good projects as long as maganda yung story, maganda yung character, maganda yung cast kasi di ba kapag kasama mo mga mahuhusay na aktor talagang mae-engganyo to give your best so as long as the story is good the character is good, I mean interesting, then why not ‘di ba?”

As to whether Richard would allow her to do daring scenes, she explained, “He is not like, overprotective. He has always been there for me, he has always been there for me, to encourage me and to do what I love, on what is good and right for me. I am only 20 and enjoying my professional and personal life so wala namang masyadong bawal na dapat ganito, dapat ganyan, we support each other.” 

As to the secret to her relationship with Richard, Sarah shared, “Siguro you know what, by not necessarily sharing everything to the public. That is one think I think couples need to do to keep their relationship intact and we respect each other and whenever there is a petty problem you know, whatever, we talk about it right away. Hindi na dapat lumaki or anything.”