Billy Crawford doesn’t meddle in Coleen Garcia’s career

Billy Crawford claims Coleen Garcia didn’t have to ask for his permission before she took on her latest indie film.


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7/16/2014 10:24 AM
Billy Crawford doesn’t meddle in Coleen Garcia’s career

071614-billy_main.jpgDespite the daring theme of his rumored flame Coleen Garcia’s upcoming independent film titled #Y (Hashtag Y), host-singer Billy Crawford is very proud of her new project. “No, I’m very proud. I’m proud of Coleen,” he said during his recent contract signing in ABS-CBN.

He reiterated that he has yet to see the entire film, but he admits there may be scenes on the film “na hindi ko gustong makita.” Among them was Coleen’s kissing scene with her female co-star Sophie Albert.

To this, the It’s Showtime host remarked, “Pero mas maganda na ‘yung nahalikan siya ng babae kesa ng lalaki, di ba?

The Gino Santos-helmed film chronicles the adventures of the members of a group involved in social media; the internet; sex, drugs and alcohol; and the occasional party and other things.

Coleen will be taking on a promiscuous young lady’s role and Billy seems to approve of it when he saw the trailer. “Yeah it’s something different. Definitely something that she’s not. It’s definitely out of the box. It’s a challenge for her. She’s an artist and she will be doing roles that she will have to,” he noted.

Did Coleen ask for his approval before taking on the role? “No, I tend not to get involved in her career. I’m just here to support as much as she’s here to support me as well,” Billy reasoned.

Meanwhile, during It’s Showtime’s recent episode, Billy flatly, albeit jokingly, said that he is in love with Coleen. Even with these jokes, Billy remained non-committal in addressing questions about the real score between them saying that “Gusto ko mas intrigued pa kayo eh sa kung ano ang status naming sa isa’t-isa.”

Addressing the fans that have long been curious as to whether they are already an item or not Billy explained, “As I said before, it’s really just a label if that’s what everybody else is waiting for. And apart from that we actually both understand how much we mean to each other. It’s all about us two not the rest of the world.”

Billy just inked a new contract with ABS-CBN which included him being a mainstay in It’s Showtime, rejoining ASAP XV, and a new reality game show, among others.

Unang-una nagpapasalamat po ako sa ABS-CBN for all the trust and support and hopefully I’m doing well enough for them to actually re-sign me again. So I’m definitely blessed to be a Kapamilya again,” he said.