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Dennis Padilla emotionally reveals fight against daughter Julia Barreto's petition to change name

Dennis on daughter Julia's petition to change her name: 'Hindi mo kailangan ‘to, mas kailangan mo galingan yung pag-aartista'


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7/14/2014 12:46 AM
Dennis Padilla emotionally reveals fight against daughter Julia Barreto's petition to change name

022614-dennis_main.jpgAfter months of keeping mum on the issue, comedian Dennis Padilla finally broke his silence on that her currently popular daughter Julia Barretto has filed a petition to change her name and drop his last name.

In an interview with Startalk which aired on Saturday, Dennis confirmed the circulating rumor that his daughter Julia, whose real name is Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia, has filed a petition at a family court to change her name and drop Baldivia.

Upon hearing about the rumor, Dennis said that he initially didn't react thinking that his daughter won't push through with such decision. However after a while he decided to confirm it by sending a representative to the Quezon City Hall's family court.

"Tapos ang sabi sa akin, sabi dun sa inutusan ko na hindi naman daw ako party dun sa petition so kahit wala akong kopya okey lang. Sabi ko hindi ganun 'yon, kasi sigurado [ako] sa petition nakalagay yung Dennis Baldivia as father, so party ako sa petition," he said.
Later on, Dennis revealed that he received a copy of the petition and learned that it has been filed in the court August of last year. After a month of pondering, Dennis shared that he originally didn't want to intervene with the petition.

"Tapos later on, close friends and family sinabi sakin 'Dennis ilaban mo 'yung family name mo kasi tatay ka niya eh.' Dugo ko siya eh. So sabi ko magmo-motion tayo," said the Bride for Rent actor.

But before things could even go any further, Dennis shared that he tried to talk about the subject with Julia during one of their phone conversations. But according to him, the young Kapamilya star who was very busy taping at that time, asked that they just discuss it some other time.

Meanwhile, early on the topic, Dennis admitted that he initially thought that it's acceptable for Julia to change her last name because "marami rin akong pagkukulang." These shortcomings he says started when his political career ended and his showbiz career somehow became unstable.

"Eventually, nitong past three years, talagang hindi na ako nakapagbigay" he recalled.

Despite that fact personally though he says, "I think she should retain my name because anak kita eh."

For what it's worth, he even remarked that the petition was somehow unnecessary since, Julia will eventually change her name anyway when she gets married.

He added, "Kapag nagkaasawa siya, nagkaanak siya, doon niya malalaman yung importansya ng ipinaglalaban ko."

With that he shared that his petition to intervene is currently in court. However, even if he hopes to halt the changing of Julia's name, he claims that he would willingly accept whatever the court would decide and not harbor any ill feelings towards his daughter.

The only thing that would happen though is: "Siguro magkakaroon ka lang ng pain na habambuhay mong dadalhin pero yung pagmamahal pareho pa rin."

In the end, he appealed to his former wife Marjorie not to let the kids get tangled into their fray and even opined that using Baldivia in the Mirabella star's official records won't hurt that much since her screen name is already Barretto.

For Julia though his parting message was: "Julia, lahat kayong mga anak ko mahal ko kayong pantay-pantay. Hindi mo kailangan 'to, mas kailangan mo galingan yung pag-aartista."