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Deniece Cornejo's second rape case vs. Vhong Navarro gets junked

Vhong after learning the good news thanked his fans who prayed during the Saturday live episode of It's Showtime


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7/12/2014 11:05 AM
Deniece Cornejo's second rape case vs. Vhong Navarro gets junked

071214-deniece_main.jpgVhong Navarro has one less rape complaint to worry as the Taguig Regional Trial Court dismissed Deniece Cornejo's second rape complaint against him.

In a resolution dated July 1, the Taguig RTC noted how Deniece's "belie of a rape." Part of the resolution read: "[Cornejo's] subsequent actions belie of a rape which happened on January 17, 2014. She appeared to be normal in going about her daily activities. No changes in behavior or attitude were observed."

"If indeed the complainant was raped on January 17 or 18, 2014; why did she allow herself to be raped again on January 22, 2014? There is no sign of struggle, no physical injuries. Complainant's narration of the actual act of rape is incredible."

Furthermore, the resolution also pointed out Cedric Lee and his cohorts' demeanor as shown on the condominium's CCTV footage as inconsistent with those of wanting to rescue a friend in need saying that "CCTV photo grabs were submitted showing Cedric Lee and cohorts smiling inside the condominium's elevator at 1:40 a.m., of January 18, 2014 which would be contrary to a person's disposition when going to the rescue of a friend."

Recall that Deniece claimed to have asked for Cedric and his group's help via a text message after Vhong supposedly attempted to rape her on their second meeting on January 22. This first and original rape case though has already been dismissed by the Department of Justice last April. 

Deniece is currently detained at the Philippine National Police headquarters in Quezon City after being charged with serious illegal detention, in connection with the January 22 mauling of Vhong. While her co-accused Cedric and Simeon Raz Jr. are under the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila. 

Vhong, for his part, during the live episode of It's Showtime on Saturday thanked his fans who have prayed and supported him right from the beginning of his ordeal. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE