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Katrina Halili’s camp cries foul over Hayden Kho’s reinstatement

Katrina Halili’s camp underscored that their decision to question the reinstatement is no longer about Hayden Kho alone.


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7/11/2014 11:32 AM
Katrina Halili’s camp cries foul over Hayden Kho’s reinstatement

The actress, who filed criminal charges against Hayden for allegedly violating Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act following the leak of their intimate videos in 2009, claimed that they would question PRC’s move.

Katrina’s counsel, Atty. Raymond Palad, claimed that the commission’s decision is premature since a former doctor’s petition for reinstatement of his license can only be obtained after a two-year period has lapsed.

Nagtataka lang kami sa bilis ng proseso na ginawa ng PRC. Hindi ko malaman kung anong special consideration ang binigay dito when in fact ilang daan or ilang libong kaso pa ang nakabinbin sa PRC sa petition for reinstatement ng mga lisensya, hindi naman doktor kundi ng iba pang propesyon na binawi nila ang lisensya,” he said in a DZMM radio interview.

Atty. Palad underscored that the said the counting of the two-year period for appeal should have started after the Court of Appeals (CA) made its decision final in 2012.

"Sa Philippine Medical Act, nakalagay doon ang provision na after two years of revocation, yung PRC pwedeng ibalik yung lisensya ng isang doktor. Nung binawi ng PRC ang lisensya ni Hayden Kho nung March 2011, hindi pa natapos diyan. Hindi ka dapat diyan magbilang ng two years. Kasi yung decision ng PRC, chinallenge niya yan sa Court of Appeals, nilabanan niya yan,” Palad said.

Hayden filed a petition with the Court of Appeals in August 2011 to reverse PRC’s decision but it was rejected in July 2012. However in August of 2012, the appellate court cleared Hayden of criminal liabilities in affirmation of a Pasig City court’s dismissal of Katrina’s case against him.

The CA, Atty. Palad said, only received a Certificate of Finality in July 26, 2012 after Hayden failed to appeal to reverse it which made the decision final and executory. He argued that Hayden’s camp should only have filed supposedly after July 26, 2014 liked July 27 of this year he cited.

What happened, he said, was “December 2013 nagfa-file na sila ng petition for reinstatement, one year and a half pa lang ‘yun,” which led them to a decision to appeal for the reinstatement. But, he reiterated that their decision was no longer about countering Hayden but rather about making sure that the laws are adhered to.

"Lilinawin ko, hindi ito against Hayden. Bilang abogado, against kami sa practice na ‘yun. Kasi inabot kami from 2009 to 2012 naghi-hearing kami sa korte para matanggal ang license. Naging successful kami July 26, 2012. Two years pa lang sa July 26, 2014 pero nandiyan na ‘yung lisensya. Bakit tinawag pa nating revocation ito? Baka mas mahaba pa ‘yung suspension sa ibang doktor,” he said.