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Has Piolo Pascual stopped seeing Shaina Magdayao?

Piolo Pascual says he and Shaina Magdayao will always be special friends.

Has Piolo Pascual stopped seeing Shaina Magdayao?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


07/10/2014 09:15 AM
Has Piolo Pascual stopped seeing Shaina Magdayao?
071014-piolo_main.jpgWith his new drama series Hawak Kamay nearing its July 21 airing, Piolo Pascual admitted he enjoys his latest role as a struggling musician who turns his life around when he suddenly has to take care of three kids from the orphanage. “I’m thankful of course to the Lord our God but at the same time I'm thankful to ABS-CBN for the continued trust. Mahirap, there's pressure and challenge with everything that we do pero just go with the flow I guess. Do whatever is given, make use of it, maximize your time and just give it your best I guess. Here I play a frustrated musician, a guitar player who becomes a guardian to these kids so medyo rough and rugged, magulo yung buhay niya so magulo rin yung buhok ko (laughs),” he shared.

Piolo admitted that the show is close to his heart because of his involvement with various charitable institutions. He also knows how important it is to be a good parent because of his son Inigo. “I grew up visiting orphanages through my parents and we've always been fond of kids. Of course that's a blessing but it's also a blessing to have you own, ‘di ba? It doesn't matter (if it's a girl or a boy). Sa akin naman, as long has a child has a family yun ang importante. Inigo is actually turning 17 in a month. It's good that he's around. It's summertime in the States so andito siya sa akin so whatever I do he comes din. Wherever we go magkasama kami so we make up for the lost time,” he said.

After constantly being rumored to be dating Shaina Magdayao since last year, many are wondering why Piolo has been quiet about the status of their close friendship this year. The 37-year-old actor said this does not mean they have grown apart. “Well I guess obviously pareho kaming busy and at the same time what's good with Shaina and I is that we're able to keep the friendship kasi yun naman yung importante in the long run. We want to be able to preserve the relationship that we've started. Napakaliit ng mundo natin. There's a lot of what ifs in this world. Ganun lang muna. You don't want to take everything at the same time, do everything all at the same time. Whatever is on your plate, make use of it, maximize it then when it comes, it comes. Siguro time management lang, balancing lang kasi mahirap sabay-sabay lahat nung mga bagay na nangyayari. I have a career, I have a son and it's really hard. Wala na akong time sa sarili,” he admitted.

071014-piolo_main.jpgThe Hawak Kamay star said that he will always consider the Kapamilya actress as someone close to his heart. “She'll always be a special friend. Siya lang naman yung last na nakasama ko in an intimate way pero yun lang eh. We are [still close]. We always see each other sa ASAP. We have the same group of friends kaya hindi naman malayo,” he added.

Now that his son has grown up, many are asking if Piolo wants to have more kids in the future. Although the heartthrob admitted he is open to it, he has yet to find the perfect partner for him. “Madali yung (kids) eh pero mahirap humanap ng katulong gumawa (laughs). Yun I think ang the harder part in the equation. It's a package deal. I don't want to have a kid without getting married. My son is going through hard times and it wasn't his choice so if I can give my future children a real or solid family, that would be nice,” he said.

Piolo said that even if he has not gotten married, he considers himself a family man because of his closeness to the other kids in his family. “I'm always with my pamangkins. I super love kids so whenever there's a chance I take my family out. Even on the set I'm fond of Zaijian (Jaranilla) and these kids so nag-e-enjoy ako sobra,” he said.