BB Gandanghari says he is not gay but a transgender

The actor admits he regrets coming out on PBB.

BB Gandanghari says he is not gay but a transgender-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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07/10/2014 06:40 PM
BB Gandanghari says he is not gay but a transgender
071014-BB_main.jpgBB Gandanghari opened up about his family, thoughts on sex change and remarrying to Anthony Taberna during today’s episode of Tapatan ni Tunying.

Regarding his family, BB revealed to Tunying that he had to be patient for their acceptance because it also took a while for him to accept his true self, “It took a while eh ibang tao pa especially ang pamilya, of course, meron silang attachment kay Rustom, meron silang expectations kay Rustom. In fairness kay Rustom, he was a good brother, he was a good son, nakakamiss din naman talaga. Sabi ko nga, but I’m better…” he said smiling.

Regarding his Robin Padilla, whom he revealed was spending a lot of time with him, BB admitted seeing in his brother the willingness to know and understand him better.

When asked if there is still something missing, BB said, “Ang pag-oout naman kasi is not a Cinderella finish na happily ever after so continuing even the challenges, discrimination…meron pa.”

BB, who shared that not all of her documents have been changed yet, said that the hardest part he experienced was the self-acceptance. “Sabi ko nga, this is not a choice. Had it be a choice, this will not be a choice.”

BB also confessed that his sexual identity was not the reason why he and Carmina Villaroel-Legaspi parted ways. “As I’ve said, I started doing explorations after the annulment.”    

He also revealed that he regrets coming out during his stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother house in 2006. “After that night, ang laki ng pagsisisi, totoo yun. Di ko alam kung tama o mali yung ginawa koHindi naman siguro bawiin pero parang gusto ko nang bumalik sa America at magtago ulit.” He added, “When I came out, wala naman akong boyfriend, wala akong relasyon, wala… So sabi ko, so what makes me gay? Fast forward to 3 years after, hindi pala ako gay, transgender pala ako.

Will BB undergo sex change? “Yung physicality is very secondary. What’s really important is what I feel inside and how I express myself. Now if one day, darating ako sa punto na I will decide na I will go all the way, who knows? But as of now, it’s not a priority.”

Though the actor said that he has not had a boyfriend yet, he admitted that he had her first gay relationship in 2002. BB also said that he plans to get married and his ideal man would be someone who knows what he wants in life, has a stand and will love him unconditionally.

Hindi lang tinik ang nabunot kung hindi isang bato yatang pagkalaki-laki na nandito sa balikat ko. Nawala yun when I finally came out sa publiko,” BB concluded.