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Nikki Gil shares the top three ways to getting over a heartache

Nikki Gil says she has learned a lot from her last relationship.


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7/1/2014 4:44 PM
Nikki Gil shares the top three ways to getting over a heartache

070114-pushpin.jpgIt's been almost a year since she separated from her beau of more than four years but Nikki Gil said she has now moved on from the very public breakup. The 26-year-old singer-turned-actress even admitted she is currently very happy exclusively dating a non-showbiz guy for the past few months.

After Maria Mercedes, she will be starring in upcoming drama series Hawak Kamay as Piolo Pascual's girlfriend as well as also busy rehearsing for upcoming stage play The Last Five Years. With all the blessings coming her way, Nikki shared with PUSH how she was able to overcome obstacles and grow from all her experiences. 

1. Stop talking about it
“For me, closure is to stop talking about it. I appreciate how sometimes people, hindi na nila masyado inuungkat although alam kong gusto nila ungkatin (laughs). Kasi yun talaga ang nakakatulong to get past it.”

2. Only have a circle of people that you trust and don't let it get out of that
“That's the grace of God in all of this. People just deal with challenges like this in different ways. I just chose not to dwell on it and maybe not open windows for many other interpretations kasi at the end of the day, ako naman yung nagdaan dun eh. Ako naman yung nag-struggle with it so it's only fair na i-keep ko na lang siya to myself.”

3. Just deal with it and pray
“Because you're going to need God's help to restore your heart. He's the only one who can restore you back to the original state your heart was in. I can only really say so much. I really appreciate those who are concerned pero naka-isang taon na rin tayo in fairness so siguro that's enough time for me to have healed and okay na yun. Pag iniisip ko nga parang ang tagal na rin ano, ang layo na and ganun talaga ang buhay. You move on from things like this and it will feel like it never happened sometimes.”