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Georgina Wilson admits she was ‘dumped’ by Borgy Manotoc

Georgina Wilson explains why Borgy Manotoc broke up with her and what she did to get him back.

Georgina Wilson admits she was ‘dumped’ by Borgy Manotoc-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/06/2014 09:45 AM
Georgina Wilson admits she was ‘dumped’ by Borgy Manotoc
060614-george_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Georgina Wilson talked about being “dumped” by her boyfriend of four years Borgy Manotoc, how she reached out to Borgy after that and what she learned from their breakup.

Georgina said that the breakup came as a shock to her. “I was in denial.” Although she admitted it was Borgy who initiated the breakup, she said part of the reason she couldn’t accept it was because they stilled loved each other. She further explained, “When a breakup comes from ‘it’s not the loss of love’ and it’s not that you guys aren’t meant to be together, but it’s just life’s circumstances don’t work in the right way at that point in time.”

The beautiful model became teary-eyed as she recalled how Borgy felt neglected because, “I was so busy putting up my company. I’m a very hands on and very intense person and when I’m focused on something, I just throw myself into it.”

Georgina added, “It’s easier if the man is mean to you and stuff, but Borgy has only been amazing.” She also recalled the pain she went through afther the breakup. “It was so hard. I never had felt real heartache. It was life changing, I’ll never forget it.” 

It was so painful that she had to go away and travel around Asia. Georgina also shared how the pain she felt humbled her. “I always say that the most universally relatable thing is a heartbreak. When I was going through it, I just didn’t think that anyone else had ever felt the pain that I went through and I was just so humbled by it, I would talk to anyone and anybody that could give me any sense of it.” She told hosts Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda, “If you guys were on my WhatsApp (Messenger), I would have messaged you, too.”

060614-george_main.jpgGeorgina said she and Borgy were going on for three and a half years when they broke up. They were not “together” for six months and just got back together last February. She explained that even when they were not together, they kept the communication lines open. She also admitted being the one who swallowed her pride and kept on reaching out to Borgy. Georgina told host Kris, “zero pride.” She said she told Borgy things like, “I’m here, I love you, I want to make things work out.”

Apart from being a pretty face, Boy revealed that Georgina is an honor student and was at the top of her Accountancy and Finance class. In fact, Georgina said people ask her why she chose to get into showbiz and not use her education. On the contrary, she said she feels like she uses her education every day. “To last in this industry you have to be so smart you can’t be just a beautiful face you have to know how to [talk] to two really intelligent hosts and the things you have to deal with in this industry, you have to be really sharp.

And on being in a family of “It” girls, Georgina said she doesn’t feel pressured because “I put more expectation on myself than anybody else. The external factors don’t really bother me, I have my own goals and my drive is just crazy.”

She also brought home some worthy lessons from her breakup with Borgy. “I’m so hands on and in control and this thing that I went through in my life taught me that I can’t control everything. It was like God saying, hey you can’t do everything, you can’t be hands on in everything. You’re going to have to let go and just go with the flow and let God.”

All the “pain and hardship” Georgina experienced from her heartache were worth it because now her relationship with Borgy is “all the more better for it.” 

When asked if she thinks that Borgy is “the one” for her, Georgina answered, “I think I wouldn’t have gone back together or fought for it if he wasn’t the one.”