What’s on Lea Salonga’s playlist?

Lea Salonga shares her favorite tunes at the moment

What’s on Lea Salonga’s playlist?-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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06/04/2014 04:18 PM
What’s on Lea Salonga’s playlist?
Fave Album
“My default album in the car is Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. I’ll play it at the gym. I’ll play it at home. Like whenever I kind of need to wake up, that’s the album I play. I think it’s reflective of my generation because that album came out in 1978 or 79 so I was a kid when that came out but I was much older, I was a teenager when I began to appreciate that music. So I always kind of throw it back to Michael Jackson whenever I feel the need to wake up or feel good. It’s always one of his albums I play.”

Fave Song from The Voice of the Philippines
“There were so many auditions I loved. I loved Lee Grane’s singing ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan. I liked that one. I loved hearing a Jason Mraz song by Myk Perez. Of course I loved ‘Bakit Ako Mahihiya’ which Mitoy (Yonting) auditioned with because it was just out of the gate. ‘Oh my God, who is this man?’ And the numerous renditions of ‘Tulak ng Bibig, Kabig ng Dibdib.’ There were so many versions of that song and Klarisse de Guzman was the one that made all of us go like, ‘We’ve heard this song for four days straight from so many people but she’s the only one for me who made it really, really interesting.”

Fave Videoke Song
“’Dancing Queen’ by ABBA. It just is. That’s really one of the few songs where I open my mouth to sing in karaoke once we’re all drunk already and we have friends in the room. That’s the one song I have to sing.”

Favorite Love Song
“Katy Perry’s ‘The One that Got Away.’ It’s like when I first heard it naisip ko, ‘Oh, ang sakit!’ and more specifically the acoustic version of it. 

Favorite Broadway Song
“All time [favorite] is hard because from a lot of musicals… There’s maybe one song in Wicked for example, I like ‘I’m Not That Girl.’ From Avenue Q, it’s ‘It’s a Fine, Fine Line.’ From Miss Saigon, it’s any of the love songs in there. From Les Miserables, it’s a toss-up between ‘Bring Him Home,’ ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables,’ ‘I Dreamed a Dream,’ and ‘On My Own.’”