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Wynn Andrada’s father claims his son didn’t stab a friend

Manny Andrada says that his son is not evading the authorities

Wynn Andrada’s father claims his son didn’t stab a friend-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/22/2014 09:30 PM
Wynn Andrada’s father claims his son didn’t stab a friend
062314-wynn_main.jpgSpeaking for the first time since news of his son’s supposed crime came out to the media, Himig Handog 2013 P-Pop finalist Wynn Andrada’s father, Manny Andrada, denied all the accusations against his son. 

According to Manny, it wasn't his son who stabbed the victim, but his bodyguard who responded to the commotion started by the victim.

"Noong kumakain na siya [Sherwin], may dumating na tao. Patay ang ilaw eh. Dumating tapos nagsalita pa nga, 'Amoy matanda naman dito!' Tinawag ko si Wynn. Di sumagot. 'Wynn!' ulit ako, pasigaw na 'yun. Tapos wala na, parang nanggulo na. Dumating 'yung bodyguard ko para rumescue," he said in a taped interview aired on The Buzz on Sunday.

Asked who could have stabbed the 17-year-old boy, he said, "Definitely 'yung bodyguard."
His bodyguard, the older Andrada says is not even being hunted by the police nor his son.
Paano hahanapin eh wala namang reklamo. Pati nga ‘yung dyaryo nilabas na hina-hunting daw si Wynn. Paano mo ha-hunting-in? That can’t be true,” he said.

He added that his son is also not hiding from the authorities and that if ever the young victim’s camp would file charges against them, they would face it head on. 

“’Pag nagdemanda siyempre kailangan harapin pero as much as possible kung magagawan pa ng remedy… ‘yun nga sabi nga niya eh the best way to win an argument of a case is to settle it,” said the singer’s father.
062314-wynn_main.jpgMeanwhile, also for the first time, the Star Records artist’s victim finally relayed his version of the story that night of June 12.

"Sabi niya, 'Pre punta tayo kina Aira.' Pagpunta ko po, kinatok ko. Sabi ko, 'Pre, ano? Tara alis na tayo!' Sabi niya, 'Maya-maya na, may pag-uusapan muna tayo saglit,'" he said. "Pagpasok po, nagulat ako, sinaksak na lang niya ako."

The victim claims he doesn’t have any idea why Andrada would attack him. However, he suspects that the “Tamang Panahon” singer may be suffering from a mental illness.

"May diperensiya raw po siya sa ulo. Kapag mag-isa raw siya, kung ano-ano daw naiisip niya," claimed the victim.

In the meantime, the victim countered Andrada’s father’s claim that his bodyguard stabbed him.
"Wala naman po siyang bodyguard sa loob ng bahay. Kaming tatlo lang,” said the victim.

What’s more is that, “Tapos ‘yung tatay niya nakatayo lang doon at sinabi lang ‘Sherwin tama na ‘yan.Hindi man lang ‘yung [tulungan] ako at hawakan siya [Wynn].”

Confirming Manny Andrada’s claim of no case has been filed against Wynn is the victim’s lawyer who said that they are yet to file charges against the recording star for they are still finalizing which complaints to file.

The report further added though that this isn’t the first time that the singer supposedly attacked someone.