Xian Lim says he is open to doing dark roles

Xian Lim says that he wants to star in a psychotic thriller if given the opportunity.


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6/20/2014 10:02 AM
Xian Lim says he is open to doing dark roles

062014-xian.main.jpgXian Lim is back as one of Promil Pre-School i-Shine’s hosts. The actor-host is ecstatic to be part again of the talent search. “It feels really good and I feel really blessed and it's very exciting kasi marami kaming bago ngayon.”

On working with kids in the show, Xian said that patience is very essential.  “Maybe you have to understand them. Bagong-bago sila sa lahat ng pangyayari so you really have to be sensitive with them.”

Is he in favor of kids joining showbiz? “If that’s what they want, if they have the proper… kumbaga ‘yung parents nila kung ‘yung foundation na tinuturo nila tama naman, if they are strong kasi they also have to keep in mind ‘yung studies talaga so ‘yun.”

Aside from hosting the talent show, Xian is also currently promoting a new album and will soon be working on a new teleserye. When asked what comes close to his heart, Xian shared that it’s music. But he shared that he also likes acting as he gets to show another side of him. 

“I think, well siyempre music is always going to be my number one because kumbaga it’s my first love. I really enjoy music, it’s something I do when parang medyo walang ginagawa pero acting is something that I can get recognition for so it's really a different thing.”

When it comes to acting, Xian relayed that he is open to doing dark roles. “I’ve been saying that ever since it got famous ‘yung dark role, ever since it started people are asking what’s my dream role is. I really want a psyhotic thriller or something like that. That's something different and it’s always good to be different.”