Atom Araullo admits, ‘Actually, I'm very goofy’

Atom Araullo shares why he will never join showbiz.

Atom Araullo admits, ‘Actually, I'm very goofy’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/06/2014 08:03 AM
Atom Araullo admits, ‘Actually, I'm very goofy’
050614-Atom_Main.jpgAs the host of the ABS-CBN news program Red Alert, Atom Araullo shares with Filipino viewers how to prepare for different kinds of emergency situations. One thing that has not escaped the public aside from his good reporting skills are his mestizo good looks which makes him one of the most eligible bachelors in news reporting today.

The 30-year-old journalist revealed what he feels about the compliments. “I don't know, I think it's flattering. Who doesn't want to be called attractive? But again for reporters, while it's a welcome remark, it's both a good thing and a bad thing. Being reporters, you have to kind of separate yourself from those kinds of concerns. It's always nice to look good and it helps when you’re good looking in your reports, but it can distract as well. So the important thing is that you focus on the job,” he told Push.

The talented journalist said that he looks up to several veterans in the broadcasting industry. “I admire a lot of different reporters who have their own skill sets. I always mention Tony Velasquez. I admire him as an anchor, his mastery of English and Filipino. Ces Drilon is a fearless reporter. Anthony Taberna is very spontaneous and can make the most awkward interviews become light. Ted Failon can explain important national issues to the common Filipino. Korina Sanchez is awesome on-cam; she projects so well. Kabayan Noli De Castro has the longevity and the influence that many, many journalists can only dream of and not only in the organization of ABS-CBN but also journalists from the other networks. There's a lot to learn from these veteran reporters,” he said.

Atom said that even though he started out hosting on TV at an early age, he actually wanted to start a career as a scientist after he graduated from the University of the Philippines. “Actually this is an often repeated kuwento, I graduated from Applied Physics. I took up a course that was very different from mass media. The objective was to become a researcher, a scientist, maybe teaching in the academe. Media happened serendipitously, but you can say that it's both an accident but planned at the same time kasi matagal na akong nagtratrabaho sa TV eh nung bata ako kaya meron akong idea kung ano ba yung trabaho sa TV. Sa isang banda, habang tumatanda na-realize ko rin na napakalaki rin ng papel na ginagampanan ng mga mamahayag kaya nung nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na maging journalist, sinubukan ko kasi interesado ako at nag-enjoy ako kaya eto andito pa rin,” he shared.

Even after making a guest appearance on Gandang Gabi Vice earlier this year, Atom said he has no intention of crossing into showbiz. “I don't want to discriminate. A lot of the things that I ended up doing in life are the result of accidents. It's a result of keeping an open mind to do things that are not necessarily in my comfort zone. When I was a kid, I was interested in science so I joined the science club and I made kites. I like experimenting with different chemicals, that sort of thing. But my dad pushed me to join the children's theater in Ateneo and I ended up really, really enjoying that, being a part of many productions not only in UP but even outside of UP,” he said.

Atom said he has a very different persona off-camera from the serious and authoritative journalist side people often see. “Off-cam actually I'm very goofy (laughs). I don't like taking myself seriously. In fact, it was a little difficult for me doing the serious reporting for a while kasi ‘pag napapanuod ko sarili ko sa TV natatawa ako sa sarili ko (laughs). But nakapag-practice din naman so nasanay din,” he added.