Lani Misalucha: 'Yes I did physical enhancements'

Lani Misalucha admits getting her nose and teeth done

Lani Misalucha: 'Yes I did physical enhancements'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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05/04/2014 08:06 PM
Lani Misalucha: 'Yes I did physical enhancements'
050514-lani_main.jpgWhile this isn't the first time that she admitted to have gone under the knife to improve her looks, Asia's Nightingale Lani Misalucha still gamely addressed the issue.

"I'm not hiding anything. Actually when I'm asked I would say, 'Yes I did something,'" she nonchalantly shrugged off  during her live appearance on the Sunday episode of Buzz ng Bayan.

The decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery she explained was pretty much a necessity for her especially since she often stands in front of the crowd and the camera.

"Of course. Even regular person can actually do anything with her own body eh pano pa kaya kaming laging nasa harap ng camera. I had my nose done. I had my teeth done," she confessed.

Was it done all at once?

"Hindi, hindi. Kasi even before pa I already have problems with my teeth. Noon pa man and unti-unti lang nag-iiba because may mga trial period eh," clarified the "Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin" singer.

Meanwhile, Lani who's back in the country and about to launch her first album under Star Records also answered issues about her return.

Rumor has it that she was forced to come back to the country after the casino, where she's mainstay performer, opted not to renew her contract.

“Hindi sa hindi na-renew. Hanggang dun lang talaga 'yung kontrata namin," she explained.

She however quickly related that she is currently coming up with new material for the casino.

“To work in a casino, hindi po biro especially nakikipagbunuan ka sa malalaking shows doon. Meron kaming binubuo sana pero it's not easy. It really has to be a very, very good show for you to compete with the rest,” she said.