Deniece Cornejo's granduncle wants her to surrender

Rod Cornejo asks public to reserve judgment on Deniece.

Deniece Cornejo's granduncle wants her to surrender-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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05/04/2014 08:10 PM
Deniece Cornejo's granduncle wants her to surrender

Amid the ongoing search for the other suspects in the illegal detention charge lodged by actor Vhong Navarro against his attackers, Rod Cornejo, suspect Deniece Cornejo's granduncle, maintains that the model-entrepreneur is innocent.

Rod, in a statement sent to Buzz ng Bayan, which was read on air during the show's Sunday episode asked the public to reserve their judgment against his 22-year-old granddaughter.

"I believe Deniece is telling the truth, because of this I believe she should immediately submit herself to the authorities and trust the judicial system to determine the truth once and for all," wrote Rod.

With the recent arrest of Cedric Lee, the alleged leader of the mauling of the It's Showtime star, together with Simeon "Zimmer" Raz for the non-bailable illegal detention charge,
 the public couldn't help but be enraged that the other suspects are still at large.

With that, Rod further appealed to the public to let the courts judge the case.

"I therefore appeal to your viewers to withhold their judgment and allow the process to determine the truth. The truth that sets one free," he said.

It may be recalled that Rod ardently defended Deniece's rape claim when the issue of Vhong's attack broke out. In his previous exclusive interview with Buzz, he even shared that he received a direct denial from Deniece herself when he asked her if she was lying about her rape charges against the Da Possessed star.

However, in the same Buzz ng Bayan report, the police revealed that there is a possibility that a woman--purportedly Deniece--was hiding with Cedric and Zimmer at the beach resort in Oras, Eastern Samar where they were arrested. 

"May napansin kaming damit ng babae. Iniisip namin na baka 'yung isang suspect din na babae, si Deniece," the police said.

Speaking of arrests, journalist Tony Calvento, a member of Vhong's legal team, shared a recent development about the case on his Facebook Fanpage also on Sunday.

"The arrest of one of the accused in the Vhong Navarro illegal detention case turned out negative. Three teams are now in the area where the subject is supposed to be. Subject is protected by friends and the law enforcers are almost certain that they would get this person if not today, tomorrow," Tony declared.

He asked the public to "be patient because it really happens." 

The said post of the seasoned journalist was spawned by his Saturday post that one of the suspects on the case will "fall" into the hands of the authorities.