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  • Christopher De Leon's youngest daughter Mariel takes up acting workshops after joining Binibining Pilipinas.

Christopher De Leon's youngest daughter Mariel wants to join showbiz.

Christopher De Leon's youngest daughter Mariel takes up acting workshops after joining Binibining Pilipinas.

Rhea Manila Santos

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05/30/2014 09:23 AM
Christopher De Leon's youngest daughter Mariel wants to join showbiz.
053014-mariel_main.jpgTwo years after she got her degree in Professional Cookery in an international culinary school in New Zealand, Mariel De Leon said she was happy to fulfill her parents’ only condition before she entered showbiz. The youngest daughter of Christopher De Leon and Sandy Andolong said her parents never influenced her to follow their showbiz careers, but have always guided her to follow her dreams.

“They were always supportive. I didn't have to ask permission [to join showbiz] naman kasi their rule my whole life was just as long as I finish college you can do what you want so I decided to do this and they're supportive naman. When I was abroad, they visited me for my 18th birthday kasi I turned 18 there and they had a dinner for me. I graduated from North Shore International Academy in New Zealand over two years ago,” she shared during the Blue Water Day spa event in Ortigas.

Currently focusing on honing her acting skills, Mariel said her parents did not really make her feel she had an advantage just because she was the daughter of veteran actors. “For acting, sometimes they give advice lang. Pero they're not stage parents so they don't really give me any advice and now that I'm just starting. They want to start from the bottom, no shortcuts,” she admitted.

Mariel, who was a finalist in Binibining Pilipinas 2013, said she is currently undergoing workshops in ABS-CBN to better equip herself in this venture. “I decided to do the acting workshops after Binibining Pilipinas. I finished one na with a teacher from Star Cinema and now I'm going to join another one. Wala pa (offers). Nag-wo-workshop muna ako sa ABS-CBN.  I want to try this muna, showbiz and opera. I want to try drama. I think it's easier to cry than to make people laugh,” she added.

While watching her father in The Legal Wife, Mariel said she is used to people reacting to her father's many roles on TV and movies through the years. “Well, parang it's different kasi when you’re the daughter of an actor. When you see him, it's like wala lang, it's their job. For me, I don't see them as big time actors kasi they're just my parents,” she said.

The 21-year-old beauty said it is a different issue when she thinks about acting opposite her father who is a multi-awarded best actor awardee. “I'm so scared to act with my dad (laughs) pero baka mga supporting roles muna for now. I really want to do horror. I like screaming (laughs). Parang it's something different. I really love Cate Blanchett especially in her latest movies. I like movies where people have mental stuff going on (laughs). Parang it makes you think about life,” she explained.

For Father's Day, Mariel said her family likes to play things by ear. “Wala eh, we don't really plan ahead. On the day we ask what we want to do. Pero usually we like to write him love letters, mga ganun,” she said.

The statuesque Pinay also shared some insight on how her dad Christopher is off-cam. “My dad is the type of person that wants to stay at home lang, parang watch TV, drink coffee, ganun lang. We like to watch movies, always last full show kasi they always sleep late (laughs). Then sometimes we also like to go to the firing range,” she said.

Mariel also admitted she has yet to watch her mom and dad's old films. “I watched Kakaba Ka Ba. I enjoyed that one. I haven't really watched their movies. It's weird especially if they have love scenes (laughs),” she said.

When it comes to boys, Mariel said her dad can be strict with her. “Yes, my dad is not really vocal about it pero he has a straight scary face every time we talk about boys. He doesn't want to talk about it because of course I'm still his baby,” she told Push.