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Fabio Ide on his ideal girlfriend: ‘Gusto ko talaga yung mga Filipina’

Brapanese model Fabio Ide admits he is attracted to women who are caring and affectionate.

Fabio Ide on his ideal girlfriend: ‘Gusto ko talaga yung mga Filipina’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/28/2014 11:31 AM
Fabio Ide on his ideal girlfriend: ‘Gusto ko talaga yung mga Filipina’
052814-fabio_main.jpgBrapanese model-host Fabio Ide admitted he enjoyed his recent hosting stint on Kris TV and working with Kris Aquino. “It was really nice. She's such a smart, fun woman to work with and I had an opportunity to work with her twice and sobra sobrang bait siya talaga. We went to her house, the whole crew to talk about the dishes that Pokwang was cooking. She's a very lovely person. Actually she keeps talking about her kids and you can see how much she really loves them. She really works hard for everything that she does so she deserves everything that she has now and I was really happy that I was able to work with her and I really look forward to doing that again,” he shared during the Blue Water Day Spa event held last May 27 at the Marco Polo hotel in Ortigas.

The model, who has also been dabbling in hosting, acting, and more recently, business, said he is enjoying trying different things. “I'm a big, big fan of acting. I like portraying different roles. I love action, but lately I'm trying to do more dramatic roles. I want to maybe change my image a little bit and prove to the people that I can do drama so I am looking for new opportunities to do drama. I just have to study more Tagalog,” he said.

Handling a business is also a new challenge for Fabio. “Ever since I became part-owner of Gramercy, when I'm there on Wednesday nights I'm not just partying I'm working. I'm in charge of the models night. I do more acting and hosting now instead of modeling. I have two shows on TV. Right now we have a lot of gigs in the province. And since I became an entrepreneur so I'm learning a lot about business. It's good. It's something different than just being showbiz. There's something new to learn everyday, from my partners, from the staff and everyone who works with me,” he added.

Aside from being active in soccer, the Blue Water Day spa endorser said he has always been sporty because of his genes. “Yung tatay ko basketball player sa Brazil so a lot of people ask if I'm a basketball player because of my dad. He plays for the national team. When I came here, we started to promote football instead because basketball is already so big here. But ever since even when I was in Brazil I love surfing so I always try to go to Zambales, Baler, La Union, everywhere that are places that try to make me happy. Aside from being able to connect with Mother Nature, it's very, very relaxing and you’re working out your body, your getting fit. Monday is when I get my massage so I can start the week fresh,” he said.

Admitting to admiring local beauties like Angel Locsin and Isabel Oli, Fabio said Pinays are very attractive to him not just physically. “Gusto ko talaga yung mga Filipina. Parang they're very similar to the Brazilian culture. If they love you they really take care of you, they look after you, they're very loving people so I really like it. Compared to the Brazilian women, it's similar so it's good,” he said.

Fabio said he is a faithful boyfriend when he commits to a woman. “I think every relationship, if you cannot trust each other it won't work. So being faithful is the key to a healthy and beautiful relationship. If you are not planning to be faithful what is the point of being with someone, ‘di ba? You can be honest with someone and say you want to enjoy your life muna ‘di ba? Pero if you really tell the person I love you and I want to be with you, of course automatically the person is going to think that we have to be faithful to each other. So I think that's the key to a really good relationship. If you’re dating someone dapat you stick to the person you love. Hindi puwede to try different people at the same time,” he explained.

As one of the most popular Brapanese models in the country, Fabio hopes to achieve more in the coming months. “When I'm busy I feel good with myself and everything happening around me. To complement that I always try to work out and be fit, eat healthy to feel good and in terms of lifestyle I try to be in different places with different people all the time. I love meeting new people exploring new places. I think that's the secret to a good life. You have to feel good about yourself before you make other people happy. Basta masaya ang feeling. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing now like having fun and learning from each job,” he said.