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Deniece’s Cornejo’s grandma sues Vhong Navarro’s counsel

Deniece Cornejo’s grandma files a coercion case against Vhong Navarro’s lawyer Alma Mallonga.


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5/28/2014 11:20 AM
Deniece’s Cornejo’s grandma sues Vhong Navarro’s counsel

052814-lola_main.jpgFlorencia Cornejo, the grandmother of model Deniece Cornejo, made good on her threat of suing one of Vhong Navarro’s counsels, Atty. Alma Mallonga, by filing a coercion case against the latter on account of their alleged physical confrontation last Friday when she was supposedly manhandled, among others.

According to veteran journalist Tony Calvento’s post on his Facebook Fanpage on May 26, the case has yet to be raffled to a Prosecutor “after it is evaluated whether it has merit to issue a subpoena to the respondent or to dismiss it outright according to City Prosecutor Archimedes Manabat.”

The older Cornejo made headlines last week by claiming that she was “pushed, shaken, and manhandled” by the lawyer after she was seen wearing a statement shirt that said, “Justice for Deniece, Jail the Rapist," in presumed reference to the rape case filed by Deniece against the It’s Showtime host that has since been dismissed by the Department of Justice.

Lola Florencia in previous reports maintained that she wore the shirt not in reference to the Kapamilya dancer-host but rather insisted that she was just exercising her freedom of expression.

Atty. Alma for her part has already denied the allegations against her claiming that she only asked Deniece’s grandma what she was wearing, highlighting that she has already been advised against such “provocative expressions.”

The lawyer categorically denied pushing, shaking, and manhandling the older Cornejo.

Moreover, in Atty. Alma’s statement, which was earlier posted by the columnist-host on his Facebook page, she maintained that there were many witnesses to the incident.

In fact, she even reiterated that she is somehow baffled why Lola Florencia only “chooses to remember” her when she was with a Prosecutor who is much “louder, forceful, and determined” than her when the confrontation happened.

The older Cornejo had already figured in a similar incident after she was caught on camera yelling at Vhong in one of the previous hearings.