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Liza Soberano admits being hurt by online bashers: ‘They would tell me to commit suicide’

Liza Soberano talks about being cyberbullied by so-called Kathniel fans.

Liza Soberano admits being hurt by online bashers: ‘They would tell me to commit suicide’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/27/2014 09:19 AM
Liza Soberano admits being hurt by online bashers: ‘They would tell me to commit suicide’
052714-liza_main.jpgAfter being part of the hit teleserye Got to Believe, Liza Soberano said she is excited about other projects lined up for her this year. “Right now I'm not really sure of what's going to happen to me in terms of teleseryes or movies, but what they told me was that I have a teleserye but it's in the process of planning pa lang so there's nothing really official,” she said.

The 16-year-old admitted she is enjoying acting after being launched as part of last year's batch of Star Magic Circle. “I love doing workshops kasi dun ko na-te-test kung ano yung kakayahan ko. I get to practice. Kasi pag taping na you don't get to explore how you would normally talk, how to modulate your voice. In workshops dun mo natututunan lahat yun eh and when Star Magic gives you a workshop parang ang laking bagay nun kasi they don't give everyone workshops for free, di ba? It means they really trust you and believe you have potential so parang sobrang honored ako pag binibigyan ako ng workshop,” she told Push.

The pretty mestiza said she is ready to face any backlash from the fans after her initial “baptism of fire” when Kathniel fans expressed their dismay of her playing DJ's other love interest in Must Be Love.Wala, I just read (the comments) and at first I would get really hurt by it, especially when they would tell me to commit suicide and stuff like that. Who would say that to a human being they haven't even met before for that reason and now I understand why. I learned to understand and I learned na parang i-ti-take ko na lang na ganun talaga. They will always have something to say. You can't please everyone,” she explained.

Liza said she has also managed to forge strong friendships with fellow Star Magic Circle batchmates Julia Barretto and Michelle Vito. “With Julia, we met for the first time sa cotillion, that's the first time I met her. She started talking to me and asking me stuff because I was really quiet nga. I'm not the type of person who would approach people first before. But now I'm learning how to do that. Parang she was the first one who came to me. Kasi sobrang down-to-earth to Julia eh. She's so nice and she wants to be friends with everyone so dun nagsimula yun. Bubbly siya eh. With Michelle, she's malambing and I'm the opposite (laughs). She's clingy, she's really, really clingy. If she's shy, mas shy ako. I wouldn't even talk to her (laughs). We watch movies, we watched Carrie and Pagpag together, just the two of us and our titas and our daddies,” she added.

The teen actress and Michelle have become BFFs, but Liza says they are still to young to think about boys. “No we're not allowed to date yet. She's turning 17 so probably by 18,” she said.

Although she once admitted to having a crush on Sam Concepcion, Liza said she has a new celebrity crush with a different hunk with the same name. “Sam Concepcion is not my crush anymore. I'm focusing on my studies (laughs). Right now my celebrity crush is Sam Milby because I admire his talent and he's gorgeous. Piolo Pascual is gorgeous, too (laughs). My tita told me not to tell anyone when I have a crush on someone,” she said.

When it comes to her future leading man, Liza said she is not picky. “Yeah, I don't mind who I'm really paired with,” she added.

When it comes to her ideal guy, Liza admits one Kapamilya actor stands out the most. “Enrique Gil. I don't know, I'm kind of close with him kasi pareho kami ng handler and I've worked with him before and I've seen how he is as a person and I admire how nice and down-to-earth he is despite his being famous. Wala, he's really handsome and talented, ayun,” she admitted.