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Cheska Garcia says three kids are enough: ‘Ang hirap ng laging nabubuntis’

Cheska Garcia says she and husband Doug Kramer have a strong and steady marriage.

Cheska Garcia says three kids are enough: ‘Ang hirap ng laging nabubuntis’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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05/23/2014 09:52 AM
Cheska Garcia says three kids are enough: ‘Ang hirap ng laging nabubuntis’
052314-cheska_main.jpgAs she celebrates her fifth wedding anniversary later this year, Cheska Garcia admitted she and Doug Kramer really try their best to still have some time together even though they have their hands full with their respective careers and their three lovely children Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin.

“As a couple you really have to make time especially if you’re hands-on parents. So what Doug and I do is we put the kids to sleep and then that's when we hang out maybe in the house or out. But usually we prefer to stay at home because we're also both tired so it's easier, we don't have to dress up and for me I don't have to put on makeup. We also find quality time when we're in bed. That's the time when we really talk about our plans, the things that we have to do, talk about our children and then we enjoy movie dates,” she shared.

The 33-year-old mom revealed she prefers certain kinds of movies. “For me I like good vibes so I like romantic and adventure films. I don't mind watching also mga science fiction, I don't really like much action or shooting and stuff like that so I just try to keep it good vibes (laughs),” she said during an Electrolux event.

Cheska said that both being active in their religion has also strengthened them as a family. “Well we really have a God-centered relationship and it really, really matters a lot that you both pray together, you both are accountable to the Lord. We really take it to heart. It’s something that we recognize in our relationship, that what makes it special is because of that. We're born again Christians,” she explained.

It is not uncommon for the children to be exposed to Cheska and Doug holding prayer meetings at the Kramer household every week. “The kids see it, every Thursday we have bible study in the house. We go to service so it's something that they are growing up to, it's an environment that they see. They know that if it's Thursday mama and papa are downstairs at the dinner table, we have guests because these are the people from our church and the kids of our bible study group are also there so they play in the play room and sometimes when they are already restless they sit in our laps and they hear our conversations and they see us pray so my kids are used to us going to church. Every Sunday is church day,” she added.

Having grown up in a house with two siblings, Cheska said it was not totally foreign to her on how to raise a busy household. She also admitted she learned a lot about being domesticated from her mom. “Growing up kasi my mom she really loves to cook and she's the one who really keeps the house. Even if we had helpers, my mom was always on top of things. So when I got married you could say that it carried on to me. The appliances from Electrolux have been a fixture in the house when I was growing up so now it's parang from generation to generation and now that I have my own family it's the same thing even now my mom runs the household, how she keeps everything neat and tidy, so you could say that it rubbed off on me,” said the new Electrolux endorser.

With the growing popularity of Team Kramer on social media and on television, Cheska said she is already very happy and fulfilled with her three adorable kids. “Hindi na, I'm ligated na eh. At saka ang hirap ng laging nabubuntis kasi your body changes and you get tired palagi. Ako kasi two years straight so four months after delivering I was pregnant again. I breastfed. I made it a point that with Scarlet mag-breastfeed ko sya for six months and then I was pregnant na with Gavin,” she recalled.

Now, the talented host-actress said she keeps her body looking young by eating right and staying healthy. “I don't over indulge in certain food. I like chocolates but I don't take it everyday. Or I'll have chips once in a while,” she said.

With the success of their recent family event at a mall, Cheska said fans of Team Kramer can expect other activities in the future. “After the meet-and-greet we're still seeing what other things we can do and what we can bring to the table,” she said.