Why Is Sunshine Cruz thankful to Cesar Montano's 'other woman?'

The actress says her husband's affair set her free.

Why Is Sunshine Cruz thankful to Cesar Montano's 'other woman?'-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
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05/11/2014 09:16 PM
Why Is Sunshine Cruz thankful to Cesar Montano's 'other woman?'
051214-Shine_main.jpgOn "Kris TV," Monday, May 12, Sunshine Cruz recalled her last public appearance with estranged husband, Cesar Montano during a film festival where Cesar won Best Supporting Actor for the movie, "El Presidente." She shared that she did not arrive at the venue with Cesar that time and that the actor did not even want her to come with him. However, Sunshine still showed up. Sunshine narrated that it happened a month prior to their separation.
Sunshine revealed that she actually warned Cesar the moment she learned about her husband's brewing affair. "Nakita ko yung text. Sabi ko, 'don't entertain her' sabi ko, 'baka trouble yan'. Sabi niya,'hindi, ano lang naman, kaibigan.' Sabi ko, 'trouble yan, ihinto mo na.' Eh hindi hininto, eh di naghiwalay."
She also revealed that she is actually thankful to Cesar's 'other woman' that time. I'm thankful for her. Actually sinasabi niya sa interview na baka daw sampalin ko siya pag nakita ko siya, I'm (gonna) even hug her. I'm thankful 'Nakawala ako, Kris. Na ang inaakala ko I only have less than a hundred thousand pesos in my bank account and now, here I am."
Lastly, she added, "Ayoko na and I just realized na maybe he's not happy with me, baka may kulang. Kung ano man yun, eh di sana mahanap niya sa susunod na partner." With this, Sunshine firmly admitted that she does not love Cesar anymore.