Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann: Mothers Know Best

EJ Salut


05/10/2014 11:21 PM
Jaclyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann: Mothers Know Best
They say you realize what your mothers go through when you become a mother yourself. 

When Dyesebel star Andi Eigenmann got pregnant, it wasn't all bed of roses. But, her mother Jaclyn Jose, her brother Gwen and her whole family were there for her all throughout. When the baby came out, Andi's world transformed. From a happy-go-lucky lass, she has become more responsible and strives to work harder for their future. Now that Andi's baby, Elle, (Elle Belle as they fondly call her) is two and a half  years old now, she is more inspired and happy. 

Photos from the official IG of Andi Eigenmann and Jaclyn Jose