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Cheska Garcia on her kids joining showbiz: 'We'll see, it depends'

The happy mother of three talks about being surprised with the growth of their social media following.


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5/1/2014 2:20 PM
Cheska Garcia on her kids joining showbiz: 'We'll see, it depends'

050114-cheska_main.jpgAfter the success of Team Kramer's first ever meet-and-greet for fan's held last March in a Makati mall, Cheska Kramer admits she never expected that her family's Instagram account could generate such a big turnout of followers. “Actually we didn't expect that that many people would come. We knew that there of course would be people na pupunta pero yung ganung kadami tapos mahabang pila, we did not expect that's why we said that the next time we plan a meet-and-greet we'll really hire a whole production team and everything to handle it because we did not expect that much. So maybe a more professional group of producers to really do it di ba?” she shares during the Electrolux presscon held last August 24 in BGC, Taguig. 

With more than a million likes on their Facebook page and over 13,000 followers on Instagram, Cheska admits her family never expected to become this popular. “No, not at all. In fact even when we started Twitter and Instagram we never expected anything. We were just posting kasi we wanted to share photos with friends and stay connected. But we only realized later on when the numbers of followers started to grow and even the comments that a lot of people actually liked our family and they find the kids so cute,” she says. 

The Electrolux endorser says she and her husband Doug are aware that they have to set a good example for other young couples who follow them. “We feel happy and flattered at the same time we also see the responsibility that comes with it, that how we are and how we move and how we act and everything, we should be more conscious about it and be more aware because we know a lot of people are watching us. Just to be more cautious but other than that you know, parang what you see is what you get,” she admits.

Blessed with three lovely children Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin, Cheska says she would let them decide if they want to join showbiz in the future. “We'll see, it depends. Me naman I'm all for supporting whatever it is that they want to do. Of course it's not just my decision I also have to respect my husband's decision as well. We'll cross the bridge when we get there. They've been comfortable naman kasi when I was taping for Us Girls then I would bring Kendra and she would join me for a while and sa photo shoots I would bring my kids also so I can say they're pretty much comfortable in front of the camera,” she shares. When asked if she was open to having more kids, Cheska says she is already happy with her brood. “Ay talagang three na lang kasi I'm ligated na,” she adds.

As a hands-on mom, Cheska makes sure to raise her children right and she is proud that her kids are already showing very distinct qualities. “Kendra is strong. Scarlet is very charming. Gavin is chill (laughs).”