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Gretchen Barretto on daughter Dominique: ‘She will be more fabulous than me’

Gretchen Barretto says she wants her daughter Dominique to become an international fashion designer someday.

Rhea Manila Santos

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04/08/2014 08:49 AM
Gretchen Barretto on daughter Dominique: ‘She will be more fabulous than me’
040814-Greta_Main.jpgEver since her only daughter Dominique started studying fashion design in the United Kingdom, Gretchen Barretto said she has become an even prouder mom. “She's so independent in London. She takes the tube. She has been offered a scholarship in her school. She's achieved so much in a few months in London and I'm just very proud. Her dad is very, very proud of her,” she admitted during Dominique's launch as one of the endorsers of Bench Body Whitening Lotion along with Sam Rodriguez, daughter of the late Miguel Rodriguez.

Gretchen said she does not want to think about Dominique joining showbiz some day because she is currently focused on her studies. “No, she's not going full-time in show business. Babalik siya ng London. She's doing commercials. Madami siyang offers na commercials and yun ang mga gusto niyang gawin. After college that's three more years from now so I can't really tell. I really don't know. Right now we're dealing with a lot in sending her to school. I want her to be a very, very successful international designer, that's what I dream for her. But of course ito yung buhay na kinagisnan ko sana she's always going to be a part of show business kasi I'm in show business and Julia (Barretto) is and my family is,” she said.

The mestiza actress said Dominique has learned to deal with details of their private lives being made public. “I always told her that intrigues and problems in situations will always be part of life, whether you’re rich or poor, fat or thin, tall or short, you will always have problems. No one will go though life without problems or intrigues or whatever it is so you might as well face it. And I think she's tough. I think she's a tough girl. Wala akong tinatago sa kanya. Like I said, she's turning 19. I believe she's smarter than me and even Tony says, 'Oh my God, I never thought this girl is smart. She writes better than I do!'” she admitted.
Gretchen said she thinks her daughter can definitely surpass her achievements. “She will be more fabulous than me believe me (laughs). I dream for my daughter to be better than me in every way. Siguro kung nanay ka yan ang wish mo para sa anak mo,” she added.

When it comes to being an adult, Gretchen said she leaves it up to Dominique to decide if she will accept suitors and go into showbiz. “She's 19, she's an adult so she just tells me, 'Mom I want this. Mom I don't want this.' kasi yung offers they go through me so she tells me if she can't do it or if she'll do it. I'm not the manager, Pia Campos is managing Dominique for Bench and the rest also is Backroom. You know, she's 19. Hindi ko puwede sabihin sa kanya na she's not allowed or you’re allowed. She's a very smart girl so she can make her own decisions. Thank God hindi pa niya ini-entertain because I guess she's very busy with work. Sana huwag muna (laughs),” she shared.

The proud mom along with Dominique's dad Tony Boy Cojuangco showed up early to support their daughter at the Bench Body Whitening Lotion event held last April 3 at The Playground, Bench Tower in BGC. Gretchen invited her sister Marjorie, nieces Julia and Claudia Barretto, and her closest friends to witness Dominique's commercial launch. “I'm just so happy that she's following her dreams and she has grown. In a few months she has become so much more a lady and she's become so confident and I'm so proud of her grades and she's just making her dad and me really, really so proud and I can't ask for anything more. She's such a good girl. Lahat na lang, hindi katulad ko, bad girl (laughs). She's the love of his life, more than me. Ganun talaga. I accept [it], what can I do (laughs)?” she said.