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Jasmine Curtis-Smith defends sister Anne Curtis from bashers

Jasmine Curtis-Smith urges the public to stop attacking Anne Curtis.


Twitter: @kristhoff_cgp


4/5/2014 11:51 AM
Jasmine Curtis-Smith defends sister Anne Curtis from bashers

040514-jasmine_main.jpgIn her Twitter account, Jasmine Curtis-Smith defended her sister Anne Curtis, who was stung by a jellyfish, from bashers who kept on saying that Anne deserved such a mishap.

"It hurts me to see some saying that she deserved this when no one deserves to be in risk in terms of health. How could anyone wish this upon another?" she tweeted.

Jasmine urged the public to stop the hatred, saying, "There is no need to fight. Please.” She was also asking everyone to pray for her sister's healing and recovery as the sting of a box jellyfish is deadly. "Please pray for my sister's well-being. She was stung by a box jellyfish, considered to be one of the deadliest," she said.

Anne was rushed to the hospital last April 3 after being stung by a jellyfish while taping for Dyesebel. The stings caused painful rashes to appear on Anne's body.

Anne is currently recovering at St. Luke's Hospital. In a Twitter post on Friday, April 4, Anne shared that she was feeling better. "Praise God! I really feel I've been given a 2nd chance at life. The doctors told me I'm very lucky. The last case they had come in with the same case, a box jellyfish sting. The girl was out straight into the ICU,” she relayed.

She further revealed, “It's quite a scary thought. When we were on our way to the local and closest hospital near our set. I noticed that I couldn't feel my legs & slowly couldn't breath properly. I thought I was going to die.

"Thank you Lord for giving me and my heart the strength to survive this. Thank you to everyone that has sent their well wishes and messages of concern. Means a lot to me. This is the closest I've ever been to death and I've never been so afraid in my life," Anne tweeted.