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Dominique Cojuangco denies Enchong Dee is her suitor: ‘He's a good friend of mine’

Gretchen Barretto's only daughter Dominique Cojuangco says she has no time for romance now in London.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


04/27/2014 05:00 AM
Dominique Cojuangco denies Enchong Dee is her suitor: ‘He's a good friend of mine’

042714-dominique.jpgCurrently on her first year as a Fashion Design student in London, Dominique Barretto said she is still getting the hang of shuttling back and forth every few months with her mom Gretchen Barretto. “I am not used to it but I will force myself to get used to it just because it's nice coming home seeing everybody I love and obviously for this event it was nice to come home also. My mom also visited me for my birthday. I love my family so it's obviously nice and very comforting to have them be able to fly back and forth. She cries. I haven't seen her cry thankfully. I would cry if I saw her cry but when she's with me she's always so happy so it makes me happy,” she admitted.

Now that she is living in her own apartment and commuting to school everyday by train, Dominique said she is learning to live independently like an adult and she does not even have a curfew to follow. “I feel like they trust me enough to think or believe that I know what time would be right and respect their rules that they had given me before. So that's what's nice I guess,” she shared.

Even if she's only been based abroad for a few months, Dominique said she is happy to have made many good friends and clarifies that she has no foreign suitors or prospects. “No, I go to fashion school and everybody's gay and I love it (laughs). Right now I want to focus on myself because I feel like it's something not everybody gets the chance to do and it's nice, it's fun and it's something new,” she said. When asked if Gretchen or Tony will allow her to have a boyfriend already, Dominique said, “I don't know, you'll have to ask them (laughs).”

Dominique also clarified rumors that Enchong Dee was courting her after he brought her as his date to the Star Magic Ball last year. The Kapamilya actor admitted to meeting up with Dominique and Gretchen when he visited Europe last December. “I talked to him sometimes, not so much. He's a good friend of mine. He's fun to talk to. I just met him a couple of months ago!” she said.

Although she has been vocal about different issues involving her family, Dominique said she is also looking forward to the time when everyone involved will find peace. “I feel like everyone wants that, nobody wants hate in their heart. Everybody wants love. If what's best for them is to stay apart, then I have no say. I think it's up to them, whatever they choose I'll be fine with. I feel like my family has always been a part of things and having to hear them for myself, I happened to get used to that. So I think I've always been ready. If it doesn't include me, then it's not something I should worry about or something that people should pull me into. So I don't like bringing myself into a situation that I wasn't a part of to begin with, that's why,” she explained. If there was one thing she has learned from being a Barretto, Dominique said it is to be strong. “I've learned to have a backbone and to never take anything personally,” she said.

The new Bench lotion endorser also admitted she is very proud of the rising popularity of her cousin Julia who currently stars in the soap Mirabella. “I'm so proud of her. I saw her from starting off when she was younger up to that point where she wasn't sure of what happened and now where she's blooming and she's getting so many offers and I'm so proud of her. Honestly I'm so, so proud of her,” she added.