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  • Christine Bersola-Babao wants her kids to be well-rounded by exposing them to the arts from a young age.

Christine Bersola-Babao shares the importance of exposing kids to arts and culture

Christine Bersola-Babao wants her kids to be well-rounded by exposing them to the arts from a young age.

Christine Bersola-Babao shares the importance of exposing kids to arts and culture-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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04/25/2014 07:11 AM
Christine Bersola-Babao shares the importance of exposing kids to arts and culture
042514-christine_main.jpgApart from instilling proper values in children, former Kapamilya broadcaster and mother Christine Bersola-Babao said she also believes that parents should make it a point to expose their children to the country's history and culture.

In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph at the recently-concluded Breeze #SigeSabado event in Taguig, Christine even spun a borrowed quote from the late Botswanian statesman Seretse Khama.

"Di ba sabi nila 'A nation without culture and history is a nation without a soul.' Ganon rin sa tao. A person who does not acknowledge the importance of arts, culture, history, and literature is a person that exists only but not lives. Ganon 'yun. So I believe in that kaya maliit palang ine-expose na namin ang mga anak namin sa different forms of art," she explained.

Whether it's painting, sculpture, or dance, Christine said she makes it a point that she exposes their kids to the arts, which is why, according to her, her daughter Anya is currently taking up ballet classes.

Christine said she believes that the fact that her husband is huge art collector and an ardent supporter of local artists also played a huge part in their intent to nurture their children's interest for the arts. "'Yung mga grotesque pa 'yung mga art namin sa bahay, hindi natatakot 'yung mga bata kasi for them it's a different dimension. It's not something to be scared of," she narrated adding that, "So si Anya, she always wins sa mga Most Artistic kasi 'yung mga ginagawa niya sa school laging ine-enter ng mga teacher niya sa Best School Project. She can express herself well through arts, natutuwa naman ako."

Her son with husband Julius Babao, Nio, on the other hand, she fondly described to be someone "different" from Anya. "Hindi siya nasa artistic side. Nasa ano siya, rowdy, playful, typical boy side. Parang andaming energy, 'yung kailangan laging may takbuhang involved, gapang, akyat sa hagdan. Ginagawa niya ngang trampoline 'yung mga sofa namin eh," she shared.

Knowing that a perfect avenue for them to expose their kids to different cultures is through travels, Christine shared that she and Julius often bring their kids to their out-of-the-country trips and that "Whenever we travel, we make it a point that we go to a museum."

Most recently, Christine shared that they went to the National Museum with Anya and Nio. "I'm happy na last weekend nadala namin 'yung kids namin sa museum--sa National Museum--na ako napuntahan ko lang noong grade school ako," Christine related.

Visiting the museum with her kids, Christine said, was a wonderful experience especially since it was their first time and that they both enjoyed it in different ways.

"Sabi ng anak ko nung nakita niya ang Spoliarium, sabi niya, 'Mommy, mommy, mommy! I just saw that in art class and in books! It's here, it's here!' Eh di alam niya, natutuwa ako for her. Pero ang concern ni Nio, 'yung anak ko, gusto niyang rumolyo sa floor," she recalled smiling.

Rolling on the floor she said is one of her son's favorite past times and one that she openly approves of. "Kapag itong mga yaya laging na kapag nakikita ko sinasabi ko 'wag laging no. Kasi kami we're not 'no' parents eh, 'yes' parents kami eh. Go lang. 'Yung mga yaya, sa sobrang takot nila na masisi namin sila kapag may nangyari panay naman ang no. Kasi kaming mga parents we're accountable kapag may nangyari sa kanya, pero 'yung mga yaya they're so paranoid," Christine explained.

If she were to sum up her and her husband's parenting style, Christine can definitely guarantee that they are not what many consider as "helicopter parents" or those that constantly hover around their child. She claimed to be the type of mom who teaches their kids the basics on how to get by in life and just letting them learn things on their own along the way.

Among the things that she taught them was to "Be thankful, be prayerful, be respectful, 'wag pala utos, say thank you, look at them in the eye, say sorry, say paki and say please… I think maturuan mo lang nung mga 'yun ang anak mo I think 'yung core ng anak mo mabu-build mo na eh. You don't have to be there 24/7, you don't have to be a helicopter parent to be like that," she ended.