Denise Laurel shares advice with first time moms

Denise Laurel has some words of wisdom for first time mothers.


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4/24/2014 7:57 AM
Denise Laurel shares advice with first time moms

042414-denise_main.jpgDenise Laurel shared some advice for first time mothers and all the mothers to be. Denise is a mother herself and motherhood has been a learning experience for her.

According to the actress, savoring each moment with your baby is essential. "For all the mommies to be and the first time mommies, enjoy it, enjoy every moment. Time flies so fast! Before you know it, they're big," she said.

Also she suggests for first time moms to take many photos or videos of their babies. "Take as much pictures and videos as you want. Don't let anybody make fun of you because when you're older you're going to watch that back and look that back so take all those precious moments," she shared.

She also urged pregnant women to eat right and stay healthy for their child. "At the same time, when you’re pregnant, there is no excuse. You should stay healthy for your child." 

Denise remarked that being a parent should not get in the way of fitness. She advised all moms to stay in shape. “Being a mom, hindi ibig sabihin na laspag ka na, sayang ka na or tapos na ang pagiging hot mo or powerful mo or confident mo even more so as a mom. You did what God put you on this earth for so be hot, be sexy."

She added that despite being busy with motherhood, one should pursue a fruitful career. "Be a career woman at the same time. Don't let your child stop you, let your child be an inspiration. I hope that nakatulong ako konti to all the mommies out there go, go, go, push!" she stated.