Kris Aquino sports her shortest hairdo ever

Boy Abunda asks Kris: May pinagdadaanan ka ba?

Kris Aquino sports her shortest hairdo ever-Patty Ramirez
Patty Ramirez


04/21/2014 10:35 PM
Kris Aquino sports her shortest hairdo ever
042114-kris_main.jpgOn Aquino & Abunda Tonight, Kris Aquino surprised televiewers by sporting a pixie cut hairdo, having had her long locks chopped off over the weekend. 

Co-host Boy Abunda commented that short hair spoke of ‘rising above heartaches’ to which Kris replied, “I am not prepared to talk about that. I’m not prepared to talk about my hair.” She also added that she’s over heartaches. 

Kris said that it was the shortest haircut she has ever had since child birth. 

“Some men say short hair is hot and sexy,” the Queen of All Media also mentioned. 

“Takes a lot of bravery and courage. Totoo yan Krissy. Kung nasaan ka andun din ako,” Boy added, making Kris laugh. 
Kris also posted on Instagram a picture quote from Coco Chanel with the caption "I cut off more than a foot so I'm super ready for my life change!"
After the Aquino and Abunda Tonight live airing, Kris again posted on Instagram, this time a screen capture of her smiling on the show, with the caption, "I liked my smile here, I've missed it..."