Ruffa Gutierrez tells her kids inner beauty is important

Ruffa Gutierrez shares she’s proud of her daughters Venice and Lorin.



4/19/2014 11:50 PM
Ruffa Gutierrez tells her kids inner beauty is important

042014-rufa_main.jpgIn her interview for the Working Mom’s April 2014 issue, actress Ruffa Gutierrez shares how her relationship with her two daughters is. Thankful that the girls will be able to inherit her designer wardrobe, Ruffa says Lorin and Venice raid her closet on girly-girl days. “They raid my closet, try on my clothes, my make-up, accessories, my heels,” the former beauty queen reveals.

However, it’s not just all about beauty for Ruffa, as she wants her daughters to be well-rounded women. She also engages them in sports like boxing, running, and biking. “Once they are active and love the outdoors, it’s going to be beneficial for them.” Lorin, who is 10, and Venice, who is 9, also like to bake and appreciate the arts.

Ruffa admits though she refuses to indulge her girls in certain things. They are yet to have their own cellphones and social media accounts. She also has restrictions on ‘kikay-ness.’ “No lipstick, no hair coloring. Nail polish is okay just during the summer or sem break. No big dangling earrings.”

The actress emphasizes that she hopes to pass on lessons she herself has learned growing up. “I want them to know that inner beauty is important,” She is also intent on ensuring Lorin and Venice don’t fall prey to bad influences and when the time comes they would learn to stand up for themselves. “I don’t want them to be bullied, and because of peer pressure, think they don’t have a choice.”

As a single parent, Ruffa believes that raising Lorin and Venice well will be the measure of her real success in life. “I want them to be strong and to be leaders. I want them to be youth achievers,” she discloses. 

Read more on Ruffa, Lorin and Venice and their new roles as reality TV stars in Working Mom’s April 2014 issue. Out in bookstores and newsstands now.