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Atom Araullo on his ideal girl: ‘Age doesn't matter’

Atom Araullo talks about the top two qualities he finds most attractive in women.

Atom Araullo on his ideal girl: ‘Age doesn't matter’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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04/20/2014 12:00 AM
Atom Araullo on his ideal girl: ‘Age doesn't matter’
042014-atom_main.jpgAs the host of ABS-CBN's Red Alert, Atom Araullo admitted he is proud of the new Kapamilya show. “I think it's a very relevant program. This kind of discussion has always been relevant anyway pero I hope that we can offer something new. I hope that the idea of emergencies are not only contained to literal which is a life or death situation, but also other issues which I think are also red alert. For example like environmental issues which may not be killing us right away, but killing us softly and slowly. Those kinds of things. It's a show about what to do when disaster or an emergency strikes, which can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone. Sa Pilipinas kasi hindi naman tayo estranghero sa mga sakuna. We get visited by a lot of natural calamities, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or man-made disasters like bus accidents, fires, and every time we cover these stories, they are just so many casualties. People lose their lives and belongings and even though to a certain extent it's unavoidable given the economic condition of a lot of Filipinos, there's still a lot of room to educate people para naman hindi sila laging nasa alanganin,” he explained.

Known as one of the most eligible bachelors in news reporting today, Atom shared with PUSH the qualities he looks for in women. “Ano nga ba? Pabago-bago eh. Tuwing tinatanong ako niyan nagbabago yung sagot ko eh, depende sa mood. I'm not the kind of guy who makes lists eh about qualities that I look for. It doesn't matter. For me beautiful is beautiful, it doesn't matter what kind of features they have. It's really a combination of many different things like a nose might not look good on a certain person but if another person wears it, because of a combination of features it looks good. Parang some people are not traditionally beautiful but meron silang dating so ako halo-halo (laughs),” he admitted.

The 31-year-old journalist said passion is one of the qualities that makes a girl attractive to him. “I would say I like girls who are artistic but I also like girls who are athletic and those who are very nerdy. So if you think about it, it's not really one particular pursuit, I just like it when a woman is very passionate about something to the point that you really don't matter (laughs). You know, like they can live their life on their own. They're very independent but independent doesn't really capture the idea eh. It's more of they have their own thing. I guess independent na nga yung pinakamalapit na dun,” he said.

Atom admitted to having dated both women older and younger than him in the past. “Age doesn't matter eh. It's not a factor. I don't know but it's not a factor. Not an issue. It's hard to generalize but I think women who are a bit older are more comfortable with themselves and that's also very attractive but some younger girls are like that also so it's not definitive,” he added.

Atom said he is less likely to be interested in women who are vain. “Alam mo yung kanta ng One Direction yung ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ ba yung title nun? Yun, alam mo cliché as it may sound, when a girl doesn't really know that they're pretty or even if they know they don't really care too much about it or hindi nila masyadong pinag-iisipan, that's very attractive. Honestly only a few are truly like that, genuinely like that. It's hard to fake it kasi it's a combination of this lack of vanity, it doesn't mean they don't like taking care of themselves and how they look but because they're so passionate about other things, that is the least of their concerns. So for me that's very attractive, somebody who could wear a t-shirt and jeans and look absolutely stunning, parang ganun,” he said.

For this eligible bachelor, his future girlfriend doesn't have to be perfect. “Women are different eh. A woman can be very nurturing, can be a homemaker who likes to cook, very good at arts and crafts, typically like that and she could be the right partner but at the same time somebody may not know how to cook but is great at organizing events, who is a leader and that has its own strengths and if you ask me, it really doesn't matter. I don't know, there's a certain combination of things that just click. Pero yun yung central dun eh, yung parang meron silang sariling feet [to stand on their own],” he said.