Enrique Gil reveals his favorite travel destinations

Enrique Gil talks about the places he’d like to visit and the ones he’d love to return to


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4/17/2014 11:50 PM
Enrique Gil reveals his favorite travel destinations

041814-enrique_main.jpgEnrique Gil has already traveled to numerous places, but there is one place that he really considers as one of his favorites. “Madrid, Spain is like my hometown and I want to go back there. My grandma—my dad's mom—is there, my cousins are there, my dad's siblings are there," Enrique shared in an interview with StarStudio magazine for its April issue. The young actor is planning to go Madrid as soon as he gets free time.

Besides Madrid, Quen is planning to revisit another European city, Paris, France. "It's different. When you get there, parang ahhh…,” he commented.

Since he loves the beach, he also wants to go to Hawaii again. "I enjoyed it the most. I don't know why but I did.” He also hopes to visit the Bahamas, an island country in the Atlantic ocean.

According to Quen, what he loves the most about traveling is what he learns during his trips. "When you travel, you get to really understand what the world is like. When you live in a certain place, you're so used to what you see on a daily basis, 'yon ng 'yon ang nakikita mo araw-araw that you tend to take things for granted. Then when you travel to other places, biglang iba na ang nakikita mo and it's like being reborn. Doon mo nare-realize na ang laki pala ng mundo," he stated.

Quen’s fondness for traveling is rooted from constant trips during his childhood since his dad was a steward for Philippine Airlines who had travel privileges. During his early years, Quen and his family got to travel a lot overseas.

Read the full feature about Enrique Gil and his travel adventures in the April issue of StarStudio magazine out now in newsstands nationwide.