The family of AJ Perez marks his third death anniversary

The family of AJ Perez share their memories of the young actor on his third death anniversary.


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4/16/2014 11:55 PM
The family of AJ Perez marks his third death anniversary

041714-aj_main.jpgApril 17, 2014 marks the third death anniversary of AJ Perez. According to his dad Gerry Perez, their family will be holding a small gathering at Manila Memorial Park.

“The anniversary will be going on Thursday, actually ‘yung mga fans niya gusto nila pumunta don sa Manila Memorial and then kami as a family we will be there 3 pm so ano lang salo-salo, kain. Hindi naman kailangan maraming tao basta lang we will just visit him, although we visit him every Sunday, bumibisita kami sa kanya,” Tito Gerry relayed.

The late actor’s dad could not help, but recall the fond memories he shared with his son. He was AJ’s companion either to his showbiz commitments or his sports activities. “Sa akin ‘yung mga memories na naalala ko sa kanya ‘yung when we're out together kasi when he goes shooting or playing basketball, I’m always with him. These are the things na naalala ko sa kanya,” he shared. 

Looking back, he remarked that he is happy that AJ was able to touch many lives. He shared that what he was most proud of was how AJ displayed humility and kindness towards others. He considers it as AJ’s legacy that will last forever. “I’m proud na he grew up to be a very kind person. I think it’s innate in him, he just seemed so nice to everybody, ganon lang siya talaga. Siguro ‘yung impression sa kanya na mabait siya na tao, ‘yun talaga ang naiiwan niya [na legacy]. He is thoughtful, he's kind, ayon as a son 18 years of his life, he's always smiling, bubbly, makuwento, magalang, and that's what I miss about him,” he said

On the biggest lesson that he learned from AJ, Tito Gerry shared, “He would always say, ‘Dad live the moment, enjoy life, i-enjoy mo.’ You'll never know when it is going to end. I think that's the lesson for me.”

Tito Gerry also expressed his gratitude for AJ’s supporters that are keeping his son’s memory alive until now. “I would like to thank them for being there with AJ, for continuing to love him as a person and for continuing to be inspired by him even though he is not around. Some of them… they haven’t met him but they wished they had and mahal namin sila. I’m sure AJ is very happy na nandiyan pa rin sila,” he stated.