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New MYX VJs hope to bring inspiration

Three new VJs win in this year’s MYX Philippines VJ Search

New MYX VJs hope to bring inspiration-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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04/11/2014 08:25 AM
New MYX VJs hope to bring inspiration
041114-myx_main.jpgVieo Lopez, Gianna Llanes, and Luigi D'Avola were recently named new VJs for MYX music channel. They bested nine other MYX VJ aspirants after competing for two months in presenting videos, hosting for the channel.

In an interview at the MYX VJ Search Finals event held on April 8 at Alphonse Bistro, the three unanimously said that they all never expected to emerge as winners, especially since two of them are first-timers while the other one has already tried his luck for the third time.

"For me I think dinaan ko sa kulit kasi nga pangatlong beses ko na ito and I guess it shows na ginusto ko talaga kaya ito ang result na nangyari," Vieo said, adding that, "'Yun lang parang keep going, keep trying, and I finally got what I want."

Proving that third time indeed is the charm, Vieo recalled that he auditioned first in 2008 and then in 2012 before finally getting a VJ slot this year.

First-timers in the VJ search Gianna and Luigi meanwhile believe that their edge was that, "We showed that we have potential and that we can do so much more."

Claiming that the MYX management never gave him a hint as to whether or not he has improved as a VJ-aspirant over the years, Vieo thinks that his multiple auditions didn’t actually earn him an advantage. "Hindi ko alam kung malaking tulong siya basta ang alam ko kang pinakita ko lang na hindi ako 'yung tipo na dahil sinabihan mo kang ng 'not this time' ay hindi na ako magta-try. So I think them seeing that I work hard and I keep trying to be better it became faster for them to see na 'We should get him because he improves, he will improve and he could be better. Kaya let's give him a chance naman.' That's what I think," Vieo explained.

He added, "In MYX they don't tell you. They expect that you're in the top 12 for a reason and they tell you to just be yourself, that's how they are naman."

As winners, the three would receive a six-month contract as VJs with MYX Philippines.

What can they impart to the thousands of young MYX VJ aspirants in the country who are hoping to be in their place someday?

Gianna underscored that they should "take a risk" and that they should try it if they really want to be a VJ and just enjoy the entire growing process.

Like Gianna, Luigi also gave emphasis on chasing ones dream, saying that, "I think it's simple, like if you have a dream you should go for it. Because at the end of it you don't want to ask yourself 'what if tried this?' I think that's the most important one."

Vieo encouraged others to be somewhat like him and not to be shy. "Just because you're surrounded with people who are super talented or celebrities who are auditioning. Don't be afraid, you know. You yourself know what your strengths are and your weaknesses are. Give it your best shot and for all you know, you'll get the job," he ended.

The selection of the winners, according to MYX Philippines channel head Andre Alvarez was a rigorous process that involved a team vote and a lot of observation. "For everyone's information it's a team vote. I don't solely decide who’s going to win. All of the VJ finalists are observed whatever they do, whether it's on cam, backstage or at the dressing room, when you least expect it, people are actually looking at how you behave, how you are with each other.

"It's been a decision that we came together and we exchanged our different points of view in how we have seen your performances for the past two months," he explained.