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Julia Barretto refutes rumored relationship with Julian Estrada

Julia Barretto on Julian Estrada: ‘He was and is still my good friend, but we were never together.’


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3/27/2014 9:02 AM
Julia Barretto refutes rumored relationship with Julian Estrada

032714-julia_main.jpgEven before her new series MiraBella premiered, Julia Barretto was already involved in a lot of controversies, one of which was her rumored relationship with Julian Estrada, the son of controversial senator Jinggoy Estrada.

She clarified this issue during the grand press conference for Mirabella, emphasizing that, "He was and is still my good friend, but we were never together. Never naging kami.”

In fact, the young Barretto, claimed that she is actually among the lot of the NBSBs (No Boyfriend Since Birth) mainly because of her busy schedule. While she thinks that it’s “nice to be courted” the young star shared that she has no suitors as of the moment and added that, “actually parang hindi na uso yun eh.
But what are the qualities that she’s looking for in a man? "Dapat masaya siya kasama. Dapat accepted ka niya. Dapat he makes you laugh. Dapat he likes to eat as much as you do. Dapat adventurous like you,” she enumerated. “[Dapat] may respeto for you, may respeto sa pamilya," Julia added.

Jumping from one controversy to another, Julia also answered the question as to which one among her currently controversial and warring aunts, Claudine and Gretchen, would she want to emulate in life. "I'm such a fan of my Tita Claudine's projects and ang ganda ng mga teleserye niya at movies niya. That's the kind of path I want to go through in my career,” she said.

When asked to cite her favorite project of her aunt Claudine, Julia answered, "My favorite was Marina," referring to the fantaserye where her aunt played a mermaid.

In life though, Julia opts to follow the path of her Tita Gretchen. "My Tita Gretchen, we all know she's fabulous! And just the way she treats work, kahit pagod ka na, she still works hard. She's very generous and very mabait. My favorite thing about her is that she is very religious. Mahilig siyang magdasal and that is the greatest power,” she explained.

Another twist in the controversy between her aunts happened when Gretchen recently posted the P60,000 bail for Dessa Patilan, the former personal assistant of Claudine whom the latter charged of committing qualified theft. "I don't know this, I wish I could answer that but I don't know,” Julia said.

While their clan’s issues have been very public for a while now, the Mirabella actress claimed that she and Gretchen don’t really dwell on it whenever they see each other. According to her, the controversy is never on the table when she gets together with her aunt. "When we're together, we're all so positive that we just eat and we have fun. We share the good things in life rather than dwell on the problems,” she said.

Julia added, "Tita Gretchen ko pa, alam mo naman, masayahin ‘yun. As she would say, 'Life goes on.'"