Zsazsa Padilla’s message for Karylle and Yael



3/22/2014 3:30 PM
Zsazsa Padilla’s message for Karylle and Yael

kayrlle.jpgStill in a daze after last night’s festivities, Zsazsa Padilla has another reason to rejoice as her newlywed daughter, Karylle, celebrates her birthday today.

In her Instagram account, Zsazsa congratulates her daughter Karylle and her son-in-law  Yael and gives them this inspiring message:
 “Always remember that I will ALWAYS be here for you both. K, you were soooo beautiful yesterday. And we were all shedding tears of joy seeing how happy you both were. What a wonderful life you'd make together. That was some awesome celebration after the wedding.”

Zsazsa also thanks Karylle and goes on to say, “You have made me a much better person. I love you so very, very much! Happy birthday!!! “

Photo from Zsa Zsa Padilla's Instagram Account