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Ellen Adarna on being called a sex symbol: ‘I’m very yagit. I’m not very sexy’

Ellen Adarna says her real personality is far from her TV role.

Ellen Adarna on being called a sex symbol: ‘I’m very yagit. I’m not very sexy’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/21/2014 07:00 AM
Ellen Adarna on being called a sex symbol: ‘I’m very yagit. I’m not very sexy’
032114-Ellen_main.jpgAfter transferring networks earlier this year, Ellen Adarna admitted she was more than happy to finally become a Kapamilya. “So far, so good. It’s been amazing dahil iba pala yung audience ng Kapamilya and people know you all of a sudden. It’s been really great,” she admitted.

The 25-year old actress said that her character on the upcoming series Moon of Desire couldn't be further from her real personality off-screen. Ellen plays the role of a woman who falls head-over-heels in love with JC De Vera. “My character is different because in real life I am very cowboy, very laidback, walang pakialam, yung walang poise minsan, like that. I’ve always been like that because I’m the only girl. I have four brothers so may pagka-boyish talaga. My character in Moon of Desire is very elegant, very soft-spoken, martyr in a way, which me I’m not. I don’t do. I’m very impatient, ganun ako (laughs) so that’s the opposite,” she explained.

Ellen said that even though she has been pegged as one of the sexiest women in showbiz today, she still does not really consider herself as a sex symbol and admits she also has her own set of insecurities like any normal female. “I am not sexy at all. When I go home and I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t pose, I’m very yagit. I’m not very sexy. I don’t know if I want to be a sex symbol. It’s flattering to know that people think I’m sexy but it’s really my dream or my goal,” she said.

The pretty mestiza admitted she takes inspiration from her favorite Hollywood actress when it comes to switching from her usual cowboy mode to being a sexpot in front of the camera. “Now I am still trying to work on it kasi mahirap talaga siya eh. My peg actually is I just try to think of Angelina Jolie. You know like how she talks, how she acts. But I’m still learning,” she said.

Unlike most celebrities today, the Moon of Desire actress has never been ashamed to admit she has undergone breast enhancement surgery and even gave advice to women who are considering going the same route. “If you think you’re ready and you think that it would make you feel good about yourself or more confident [and] if you have the means, then why not? Go for it. It’s really up to you kasi me I’m very happy with what I had done,” she admitted.

Ellen shared what she thinks is the sexiest part of her body. “I think my skin because yun yung napapansin ng mga tao. Every time they see me they say, ‘Ang ganda ng balat mo’ so siguro yun na yun,” she added.

Ellen said her secret to a charming and sexy personality is actually not skin deep. “I have a nice personality. I get along with most people. Hindi ako maldita, maldita lang ako pag inaaway but hindi maldita in a sense na I look down on people. But if I am being wronged, I will stand up for myself. But generally I think it’s my personality kasi that’s what everyone tells me,” she shared.

Watch Ellen in Moon of Desire along with co-stars Meg Imperial, JC De Vera, Dawn Jimenez, Dominique Roque, and Miko Raval when it starts airing March 31 as part of ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold afternoon lineup.