Team Kramer drives Vice Ganda crazy

Celebrity family the Kramers invade 'Gandang Gabi Vice.'

Team Kramer drives Vice Ganda crazy-Patty Ramirez
Patty Ramirez


03/02/2014 10:00 PM
Team Kramer drives Vice Ganda crazy
030214-kramer3_MAIN.jpg“You’re a unicorn!” Kendra Kramer excitedly told Vice Ganda on tonight’s episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, where the young online sensation appeared with her parents, actress Cheska Garcia and basketball player Doug Kramer plus two siblings Scarlet and Gavin. 

Cheska and Doug admitted that it’s the kids who drive Team Kramers’ popularity. Doug even recalled an incident when a fan stopped at a mall while he and Kendra were shopping. “Pwedeng pa-picture? Kay Kendra?” he related with a laugh. The couple later shared their disciplining techniques with the kids.

Kendra’s antics however dominate most of the episode – riding Vice “horsey-horsey,” showing off her shake-shake dance,  singing  “Roar” and “Call Me Maybe,” calling Vice not pretty but maganda and putting on lipstick without a mirror.  

To end their guesting, Kendra composes a song for Vice which goes, “Hey Vice, you’re so pretty and funny. And you shine bright like a diamond.” 

Watch Kendra’s funny reactions here.