Ferdinand Guerrero denies part in assault of Vhong Navarro

Ferdinand Guerrero claims that he ‘just happened to be in the area’ when the attack to Vhong Navarro took place


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3/17/2014 12:00 AM
Ferdinand Guerrero denies part in assault of Vhong Navarro

031714_ferdinand_main.jpgAfter failing to appear when he was first summoned by the court last March 7, businessman Ferdinand Guerrero, who is among the implicated individuals in the mauling of actor-comedian Vhong Navarro last February 22 at a condominium in Taguig together with Cedric Lee  allegedly for raping Deniece Cornejo, claimed that he didn’t plan to be part of the attack.

“You saw me on CCTV I got lost and then I saw them. I was even smiling. Is that an image of a man whose intention is to hurt somebody? I don’t think so,” said Guerrero in a taped interview aired on Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday.
In the same interview, Guerrero claimed that he “absolutely” has a clear conscience and said that whatever he has is backed by “the truth” which is why he can speak “with conviction.”

“I’m not gonna deny any charges against me because I’m not even in the room,” he said.

He continued, “But what is true is somebody got raped.” 
According to him, he “just happened to be in that area” for it is an area that he frequents all the time.

Guerrero was believed to be the man who came up to Cornejo’s condo unit on the evening of February 22 together with another suspect JP Calma, minutes after Lee went up.

What was his reaction when he saw a bound Navarro as shown on the CCTV footages released by the NBI earlier?
“Shocked. I was shocked then when I found out about that rape case, aghast,” he said.

To back his rumored business partner, Guerrero even claimed that “Hindi lumalaban si Cedric Lee. Cedric Lee wants justice. He would do that for every man or woman.”

In fact he even says that the latter was in no way remorseful about the controversy that he got himself in.

“No. I think what he did was right. I would’ve done the same thing,” Guerrero claimed.

Like Lee, Guerrero also claimed that since the incident broke out he has heard a lot more stories about the It’s Showtime hosts indiscretions from some people.

“Because people come up to me and telling me that they’ve been molested. I’m not saying that to be true. What I’m saying to be true is that I was approached and people have been telling me that ‘Vhong did this… Vhong did that’ It’s probably hearsay but there might be some truth to it. I’m not saying he did it, what I’m saying is that I’ve been hearing it from several people,” he shared.

Is he ready to face Navarro again?
“Oh yeah. Yeah of course. I don’t hate him. I feel sad for him. It’s not good to be away from your kids. But I want justice. We are decent people. Hindi kami nangaapi. Tumutulong kami,” he ended.