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Jose Manalo’s daughter’s suicide attempt is her 2nd try

Atty. Dennis Pangan claims that Jose Manalo didn’t even react to his daughter’s first suicide try

Jose Manalo’s daughter’s suicide attempt is her 2nd try-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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03/16/2014 11:45 PM
Jose Manalo’s daughter’s suicide attempt is her 2nd try
031714_josemanalo_main.jpgAfter shocking the public with her alleged suicide attempt recently, comedian Jose Manalo’s minor daughter as it turns out has already tried to take her life back in 2013 supposedly for the same reason, according to her mother Anna Lyn.

In an interview aired on Buzz ng Bayan on Sunday, she revealed, “Pangalawa na po ito.'Yung una 'yung March last year, naglaslas both arms.”

Thankfully though they were able to rush her to the hospital, Anna Lyn said. 
According to the young student’s counsel Atty. Dennis Pangan, Jose was “too busy” to react to his daughter’s first suicide try.

Huwag mo na itanong sa akin kung ano ang ginawa ng tatay nung malaman niya, kasi wala eh. Masyadong busy sa show. Sikat eh,” he said. 

The 17-year-old was found unconscious in their condominium around 10pm on March 12 after purportedly taking various drugs for her latest suicide try.
A suicide note cited family problems as the reason for the attempted suicide. One of which was her father’s rumored failure to pay for her tuition fee. The young lady likewise grieved about Jose’s failure to visit and provide support for their family.

“I would say a little better than Wednesday. Hopefully it will lead to recovery. Itong huling nangyari na ito, very unexpected kasi talagang ininda ng bata 'yung sinasabi ng tatay na hindi na siya pag-aaralin. Lagi niyang kinukuwento sa akin ‘Minsan nga po Attorney kapag nasa school ako, oras ng recess or oras ng break, kumakain 'yung mga kaklase ko, ako wala akong pera pangkain pamasahe pauwi lang ang meron ako,’” he said.

Jose was said to have left his wife and children allegedly due to his relationship with another woman back in 2012.

Nung nag-file kami ng kaso, doon lang siguro natauhan 'yung tatay. Binayaran 'yung isang buwan pero 'yung isang nag-due nung March 1 hindi rin naman binayaranKung hindi pa kami nagdedemanda, hindi pa magbibigay,” he said.

Unfortunately, the younger Manalo’s counsel added that Anna Lyn wasn’t able to work lately for she got sick.

More than the lack of support for her education, what saddens Jose’s daughter the most is the fact that her younger sister is also being affected by her parents’ domestic problem.

Siya kasi ‘yung parang shock absorber nung kapatid. Siya ‘yung confidante. Very close sila. Makikita mo sa suicide note ‘yung problema ng bata, depressed, problematic at ‘yung bumabagabag doon sa bata ay ‘yung sa kapatid niyang bunso,” shared the counsel.

Atty. Dennis even related her conversation with Jose’s 17-year-old daughter days before her attempted suicide.

Kasi nung nakausap ko ‘yan two days bago nangyari ‘yun ang sinasabi niya okay na rin sa kanya na ‘di siya pag-aralin ng tatay niya, na ‘di siya suportahan ng tatay niya, ano daw ang magagawa niya. Pero ang hindi niya ma-take eh ‘yung pinababayaan ng tatay niya ‘yung kapatid niyang bunso na laging umiiyak, laging hinahanap ‘yung tatay…” he shared.

Meanwhile, in a statement shown in the same episode, Jose expressed sadness over news of his daughter’s suicide attempt.

"Contrary to the baseless allegations being made against him, Jose has been diligently observing and following the orders of the Court as regards the support requested by Anna Lyn and their children," Jose’s camp said, referring to an earlier legal battle between the former couple when Anna Lyn and their daughter both filed a violation against RA 9262, or the Anti-Violence against Women and their children Act of 2004.

"It is rather regrettable that the recent events resulted to machinations which portray Jose in a character contrary to what he truly is. It is likewise saddening that Jose’s efforts to provide support within his means, are not being appreciated, and at times, being exploited, by demands which are far beyond Jose’s financial capacity," his statement added.

Jose’s camp likewise reiterated that "the obligation to support the family is not only incumbent upon him as the father of his children, but on Anna Lyn, as well, and that they should, together, resolve the issues and arrive at an agreement which would be to the best interests of their children."