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Gretchen Ho talks about her new inspiration

Gretchen Ho also shares how she keeps fit despite her busy schedule.

Gretchen Ho talks about her new inspiration-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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03/15/2014 05:11 AM
Gretchen Ho talks about her new inspiration
031514-gretchen_main.jpgAs the host of the sports news show The Host, Gretchen Ho admitted that it is more than just sports that keeps her busy nowadays. The Ateneo volleyball team alumna revealed her business venture off camera. “Yung business ko is called Inspired Project, we sell shirts, cellphone cases, and lanyards so we currently have four designs in different colors. I got into this business nung college days ko athlete ako. Every time I train, I would listen to music and I would try to motivate myself with different inspirational quotes so minsan gumagawa ako on my own and I would post them on Twitter just to keep a record of those quotes and I was surprised that people would retweet it, would say, ‘Thank you! You inspired me with this quote,’ and ‘I needed this one today.’ So sabi ko sayang naman yung mga naiisip kong ideas. Why not put them on merchandise that would actually inspire people?” she told Push.com.ph.

The 21-year-old host said it took some preparation before she felt confident enough to start her new line. ”Hindi ko naman naisip ko kaagad agad. It took me a long time to think about it and why not turn it into a brand that inspires people. Yung Inspired Project, we don’t just sell inspirational merchandise. My vision for the brand goes beyond selling. In the future we want to have events that would inspire a lot of people. We want to conduct inspirational talks. We also want to help different causes and have an advocacy arm for the brand. We also want to partner with schools and actually encourage people to live their dreams. Yung main focus ng brand is to encourage people to pursue their dreams, especially in the world na uso yung bashing sa social media. So we want to change that culture, we want to make it into a more empowering one, where people actually help each other become successful,” she explained.

Gretchen said she wants to work hard to expand Inspired Project and is happy it is now available in select malls. “We started online. It was supposed to be an online brand lang, but people received it very well so that’s why we did bazaars. We’re also consigned now with Charlie sa SM The Block, SM San Lazaro, and Robinson’s Galleria. Gusto namin in the future magkaroon ng store of our own.”

With the first quarter of the year almost done, the volleyball stunner said she is feeling very blessed. “Everything was really unexpected for me. I never thought I would enter the industry because my sights were always on the corporate track. I'm just really glad that I was given this opportunity to explore another side of me and to still be able to pursue my passion for sports. I'm not really sure if this will be a long-term thing for me. I'm just taking it one day at a time, enjoying every bit of it and learning whatever I can to better myself. Let's see where it goes,” she said.

Watch Gretchen Ho on The Score on the ABS-CBN Sports and Action Channel along with sports anchor TJ Manotoc, actor-comedian Boom Labrusca, and former beauty queen Tina Marasigan.