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Five things Robi Domingo loves about Gretchen Ho

Robi Domingo opens up about what he loves about Gretchen Ho.

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02/09/2014 01:04 AM
Five things Robi Domingo loves about Gretchen Ho
020914-ROBI_mainphoto.jpgFrom a friendship that started in the corridors of their alma mater Ateneo to constant sightings of Robi Domingo watching her compete in various UAAP volleyball games, it came as no surprise when it ended up as a blossoming romance between these two fitness buffs. The Biggest Loser Doubles game master shares how Gretchen Ho captured his heart.

1. Her simplicity
“She's simple. Simple in terms of her looks. She doesn't wear makeup at all except when ‘pag required sa kanya by her programs. Pero if it's a normal day, wala talaga.”

2. Her sense of humor
“She is very funny. People don't know that about her because she's a reporter right now. She's part of Sports and Action (channel), she's a volleyball player. In volleyball, hindi ka naman dapat magpatawa di ba? But she is funny. Mas corny lang ako sa kanya (laughs). So it means mas nakakatawa siya.”

3. Her passion in her beliefs
“I love the way she gets mad at me. Because she is very moral. I'm not saying I'm immoral but there are times na ang bigat ng pinag-usapan namin. Malakas ang kapit niya kay Lord. I love the way that she talks about philosophical things, not necessarily about religion. It can be anything under the sun.”

4. Her imperfections
“I love her flaws a lot. The whole package, the whole thing about her, yung mga imperfections niya, yung mga insecurities niya. I love the way she tells me na, 'Ayoko yung ano ko kasi na-i-insecure ako about my weight, I'm insecure about myself.'”

5. Her nose
“I love her nose. It makes her different eh. For me it's the most perfect nose na any surgical aesthetic center would love to have at maiinggit sila na hindi nila ginawa yun.”