Lea Salonga talks about her new 'baby'

Lea Salonga says she is happy with the newest addition to their family.


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3/1/2014 1:20 AM
Lea Salonga talks about her new 'baby'

022914-lea_main.jpgLea Salonga said she was happy to sign on for the kids edition of The Voice of the Philippines. “I'm doing it, I can't say ‘we’ because I don't know. You'll have to ask Bamboo and Sarah (Geronimo) if they also said yes, but I said yes na. So we're just kind of fine tuning it. Kasi even in the franchises abroad like the Netherlands and Korea, they chose the same people who do the adults and kids. But there's just going to be three coaches. It's a shorter season. With the adults, it's the same as last year. And we're going to start ramping up. It's exciting and I've been getting texts form the staff who are auditioning people for this year, they're all like telling me, 'Maloloka ka, maloloka ka sa galing ng mga nag-o-audition. I think you'll find it even better than last year.' I feel like my cup runneth over! (laughs) So it's exciting to think about. I can't wait to start. It'll be fun. It will be a good time,” she shared.

The actress-singer said if she were to give one tip to those going to the blind auditions, it would be this, “Don't let anybody tell you what to say or how to behave or how to act or what to do.”

After spending Valentine's Day in Hong Kong performing with the HK Philharmonic Orchestra for an annual fundraiser, Lea said she was too busy to even declare a day off for her birthday last February 22. “Wala, wish ko that I just keep working, yun lang. I'm turning 43 so I just want to keep working. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing because it's a big blessing to get to be able to do what I'm doing.”

Because of her busy work schedule, Lea said she will probably not be able to catch the gala night of West End's revival of Miss Saigon in May which includes three Pinays (Eva Noblezada, Julia Abueva, and Tanya Manalang) playing the lead role of Kim and Rachelle Ann Go playing the role of Gigi. “I'm not going to be able to go to the opening because I already have pre-existing engagements. But I'm definitely going. My husband and I definitely want to see it and celebrate with the cast. Sa opening malamang hindi because I won't be available. I can't kasi may trabaho ako. Work is work. It's cool that I have to work that the night this show is opening because it just shows na dahil sa show na yan I'm actually still working. So it's kind of okay lang and I think by the time that I get to see it siguro, looking at a break it in my schedule parang mukhang sa September pa so matagal pa,” she admitted.

Another reason that has Lea smiling these days is the newest member of their family, Lily. “I already have a baby, I have a Shih Tzu puppy na three months old and it's like having a child na every two to three hours you get out of bed because the dog needs to go to the bathroom. It's a girl and we started with a dog trainer yesterday and it's a lot of work. A puppy is a lot of work,” she shared.

With her only daughter Nicole growing up fast, Lea said she is not considering getting pregnant again or adopting anytime soon. “Hindi, delikado na eh. I mean puwede pa siguro mag-ampon pero right now siguro wala. Baka mag-ampon pa pero if you look at my schedule this year baka kawawa. Kawawa kasi I will not be able to give it as much attention as I would like and it's not fair to a child. Na-gi-guilty nga ako sa aso pa lang, eh pano pa kung bata? I would rather try to raise one quality human being, which is Nicole, to the best of my ability, than try to raise more pero hindi naman inaalagaan o hindi naman nakakatanggap ng pansin. Kawawa din yung bata,” she added.

The hands-on mother said she was really happy with her daughter's participation in her concert last January. “It was fun. We all felt so proud. I wasn't nervous for her because she was ready. Because she was prepared. My rule is this, you don't rehearse, you don't perform. That's it. She did it with the orchestra on Tuesday, she did a sound check also with the orchestra after that. Ganun lang yun eh. It's a rule, it's a hard and fast rule. You don't rehearse, you don't perform. And she enjoyed it. She even told me 'I had to prepare one more just in case they say they say 'More!' She enjoyed it. We enjoyed her,” she said.